Why change?

Our industry is changing and diversifying, so we’re changing too, to better reflect our membership base and the ever-evolving world of retail property and placemaking.

We are dedicated to helping the people and businesses involved in the wide-ranging world of retail property and placemaking to thrive and prosper – energising and driving progress for our industry and all our members.

Our new brand Revo reflects evolution, energy and progress… underpinning our new strategy and ambitions.


What’s changing?

We’ll still be your definitive, go-to hub, providing influence, insights and support. And we’ll continue to do all the great things we’ve been doing for the past 33 years.

What’s different now is that we’re representing the entire retail property community. This means we’ll be uniquely placed to bring everyone together to achieve significant improvements for our sector.

We’ll also be operating at an even higher level than before. It’s our ambition to become: the influencers, the benchmark, the network and the trend spotters and thought leaders within our community.

We’ve listened carefully to our industry colleagues. With this in mind, Revo is determined to forge the way forward with energy, agility and collaboration, serving the needs of our membership and driving progress for our industry. 


What’s to come?

Here are some of the changes we’ll be putting in place:

Events. The scope of our Awards Programme is expanding to better reflect the diversity of our industry. Our Annual Conference & Exhibition is going to be more accessible and dynamic, and we’ll be introducing a series of inspirational ‘capsule’ talks focused on spreading new ways of thinking and innovative ideas.

Campaigning. We need to raise awareness of Revo at local and national level, so we’ll be engaging even more with key government departments. We’ll also forge stronger links with other industry bodies such as the BRC and PIA, and be more vocal in our campaigning. We’ll deliver pioneering research papers, and establish Revo as the place to come for authoritative commentary on industry matters.

Networking. Creating more relevant and accessible business and career development opportunities is really important. We also need to make sure the industry attracts the right people, with the right skills for now and the future.

Thought leadership. We will be setting up an innovation group, as well as studying and predicting future trends in the market. It’s all about making sense of the future for our community, and shaping an informed point of view.

Education. Industry standards need to be raised, so we’re introducing a new educational programme to meet the needs of industry professionals throughout their careers, and putting a renewed focus on apprenticeships.

Governance. Our governance structure is going to be more transparent and inclusive, and committees and working groups will represent a much wider range of interests.

Membership. For members, there will be better customer service. This will be reflected in a restructured membership proposition, including offers for smaller businesses and bespoke packages for key customers. We’ll be looking at ways to make our Annual Conference & Exhibition more accessible and inclusive, in terms of content, format and pricing.