A Happy Diwali to you all!

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Last modified on 22/12/2017

Davinder Jhamat
Head of Research & Education

It’s that time of the year where the festivals of light begin. And today it is Diwali… so a Happy Diwali to you all. 

For me personally, Diwali is a great time where the community, friends and family come together and remind ourselves that with light and loved ones in our lives, everything will be alright.

It’s one of those special nights in the calendar where people make that extra effort to congregate with their folk and travel afar to make it… even for a few hours. I always remember one year when I travelled from university and just made it in the nick of time to celebrate with friends and family… well worth the effort!

Funnily enough, this year I also reflect on how far Revo has come along in being an inclusive professional body...

...as having worked on the 2017 inclusion, accessibility and diversity programme, we have made great progress in addressing issues around:

  • Health, wellbeing and disability – and the great work we are doing in this space with the charities
  • the LGBT community and our partnership with Freehold
  • gender and the work will be embarking on with Real Estate Balance and Women in Property 
  • on age – particularly the exciting partnership with Property Needs You; our new school engagement programme 
  • and ethnicity – where perhaps ten years ago I would have felt slightly reserved writing about Diwali, whereas today I feel the need to share with you my plans for this evening!


To some respect, I feel we are able to have these conversations because we as an industry are progressing and are wanting to engage with a diverse customer base, truly reflecting how we conduct our business.

Afterall, if we are genuinely about creating great shopping places where people from all walks of life meet, greet, shop and socialise, then surely we have to engage with this agenda.

For me, it’s a great space to be in, where we are challenging ourselves on what makes good business sense with it being more than just a tick box exercise.  

So today, as the vast majority of the Asian community sweep and light their homes, cook and dish out their best china, tonight I’ll be congregating at our local gurdwara with family and friends, and catching up with those familiar faces as we light our beautiful diwas (candles), watch the fireworks, hold our dear ones a little closer… and eat the night away.

I can already smell mum’s homemade pakoras and chutney. Double time on that bike this weekend!


Happy Diwali all.


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