Be alert, not alarmed.

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Last modified on 16/08/2018

The attack on the Tuesday 14 August at Westminster is unfortunately a timely reminder that, whilst many are enjoying their well-earned summer breaks that, unfortunately terrorism does not cease.

Terrorists have a rich arsenal of attack methods at their disposal. Using vehicles as weapons of attack seems to be a current favoured tactic, therefore all crowded spaces are a potential vulnerability.

Our biggest enemy is complacency; we must all remain motivated and vigilant against all forms of attack be they vehicle attacks, marauding weapon attacks or cyber-attacks, a difficult task when you consider that we have been working under the current threat level of severe for four years.

But we must not allow this to become the ‘new norm’ – be alert, not alarmed.


How do we achieve this?  Some options you may wish to consider are:

Review the security strategies that you have in place, are they current, when were they last exercised or tested - are your plans practical - will they work.

Do you have a dynamic lock down capability? The website here may help you to develop this.

What are your neighbours’ plans? Do they support what you are going to do and can you work in unison?

Liaise with your local Police, establish a rapport, understand what they will do and how you can support and assist them.

Be alert to any and all forms of hostile reconnaissance. See the CPNI guidance here.


Remember and remind your teams of the importance of meeting and greeting customers, as whilst those law abiding citizens will find this welcoming and reassuring, those that are trying to do us harm will be deterred by this contact.

Providing our customers and staff with a higher level of reassurance during these times is essential. It can be achieved by randomizing patrol patterns; unpredictability will deter those that are watching you.

Security visibility to the public is important so can you combine your security team, occasionally, at entrances and across your site to give an impression of enhanced numbers.


Now is the time for you to refresh your team’s awareness of their roles and responsibilities, see here for more information. Ensure that all are well drilled, practiced, know what to do, and where to go and the importance of Run – Hide –Tell.

Lastly, members can view this Revo general Guidance Note on Security Threat Mitigation Response Levels which provides you with a wealth of information on all aspects of security that you may find useful.


Graham Williams is Portfolio Security Manager for Hammerson.

Graham will be speaking at the Revo Counter Terrorism Conference on Tuesday 9 October, at the Vue Westfield, London.

To find out more information and to book your place, please click here


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