Customer profiling: Less Big Brother and more experience enhancement.

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Last modified on 09/07/2018

Profiling your customers may seem a little Big Brother, but most people are happy to provide personal information...

...if they feel it will be held securely and they receive a benefit from it, i.e. your secret sauce. It’s not creepy, I promise!

I like Scuba Diving (that's my son and I, my dive buddy, in the photo above!) and Motorsport - more about that later. If you ask me what my interests are, then I will very likely respond with a half-hour passionate outburst. Information like my interests are not defined as personal information as you are not able to tie that back to me as an individual person; I can get away scot-free!

However, just think how important that information is. You now know a little more about me. What if there was an outdoor sports retailer nearby, or a venue that sells racing packages? When I enter that venue and dwell for some time, then I can be notified via my mobile device that these products are nearby and perhaps that is interesting to me. My visit experience has just been enhanced.


Simple, isn’t it? You’ve already added value to me as a visitor.

Start to think about all the other visitors who are entering your venue… What are their interests? You can now start to build a great profiling database of people and as long as the notifications don’t become a nuisance, then studies have shown that visitors are more likely to come back to your venue and dwell for longer.


What is this secret sauce you speak of?

It’s very simple, its Guest Wi-Fi. Make it easily accessible. Make people aware that it’s there. Make it free. No one on earth will pay to give you information about themselves; the Wi-Fi is not a revenue stream for the venue, BUT, the increased dwell time of visitors can result in higher sales. Retail destinations can also consider offering the retailers a campaign-based service to push people to their unit above other units.


Skyfii are new to the Revo community. We will be at Revo Manchester 2018 as an exhibitor, so we hope to see you all there as well, but briefly, Skyfii originates out of Australia, but together with myself, Michael Owen (yes, I’ve heard all the jokes), and my team, we head up operations and sales within the UK and European regions. Skyfii provide a cloud-based service that offers modules of Guest Wi-Fi, venue analytics, and engagement marketing tools in the form of campaign generation and delivery. You can find out more at and you can also email myself directly at


Oh I nearly forgot…

If you do come and see us at Revo Manchester 2018, then do ask about Scuba Diving and Le Mans 24hour. I recently came back from a diving trip where I dove on what is considered the world’s best preserved wreck of a World War 2 German JU-87, or Stuka Dive Bomber, as many may know it better. The photography is by myself as I’m very passionate about our oceans and what we do to them… So no plastic straws please!


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