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Last modified on 19/12/2017

Revo Hub Mini Seminar Series: Food Delivery
Tuesday 14 November 2017

It was a great to chair the recent panel session of the Revo Hub Breakfast Mini Series, hosted by JLL Foodservice Consultancy. It was also great to see another packed session with over 40 of our younger members braving the cold to come and listen to the opinions of a really interesting panel. 

As ever the line-up was diverse and representative of Landlords (Alice Keown, British Land), Operators (Josh Rose, Soho House Group representing Pizza East, Chicken Shop & Dirty Burger) and Agent (Millie Wilson, Bruce Gillingham Pollard).


Our mission: to talk Delivery and Technology; the two big disruptors in the F&B market at the moment. 

Joining our inspiring speakers was Darren Calcott of StreetDots. A tech based firm, StreetDots secure and curate spaces across a variety of real estate locations on a long-term partnership basis and then rotates these spaces regularly so that there are always new products and offers for the consumer to check out around them. They are at the heart of the way in which retail spaces are activating spaces in a more flexible format. 


First key theme for discussion was how delivery services are impacting on the layout and design of both Shopping Centres and their F&B Tenants.

We talked about the challenges of adapting existing assets to minimise the impact of ‘sweaty delivery riders’ and the fact that new assets are being designed with this in mind. From an operator perspective there was a recognition that new sites will need to have larger kitchens, able to service peaks in delivery at the same time as servicing a full restaurant. Though at the moment this isn’t making an impact on the size of restaurant design – indeed operators generally are preferring smaller units rather than bigger ones. 

I found it fascinating to hear that Operators are seriously taking delivery into consideration when talking to agents about units. The back of house access is now as important to a restaurant as the front of house customer visibility.


There was a great discussion around the fact that dark kitchens can allow operators to move into a local market as a delivery only option without the cost of a full restaurant fit out.

One of the challenges of this is that foodservice could follow in the footsteps of retail where there is a polarisation between ‘premium’ schemes and secondary locations. Whilst this is a concern Alice Keown made a great point that this allows independent operators to flourish in secondary towns and schemes.   

The discussions were lively and went into much more depth than I can do justice in this short blog, so to find out more you will just have to come along to the next one - see you there!

Ken Higman, Associate Director, JLL Foodservice Consulting.