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Last modified on 17/10/2018

Give DIFFerently is a campaign to promote alternative giving as a means to provide a mechanism to stop the vicious cycle of homelessness and begging, caused by people giving those on the streets money directly, by using contactless technology.

Utilising the profile of rugby legend Sam Warburton as a call to action – FOR Cardiff created a video on a loop of him beckoning people to the window of an empty unit which we had branded and upon which stood a contactless payment point.

All donations were match funded by The Four Acre Trust and went to a central pot managed by Community Foundation in Wales. All service providers could then apply for grants of up to £750 to help support those with whom they were doing outreach work.

FOR Cardiff sit on the panel to determine the applications. The display and payment points were in situ for 3 weeks and complimented with a text to donate number and marketing campaign including bus backs, bus shelter, newspaper and magazine advertising. It was ensured that the campaign ran during the 6 Nations match against France and also when Anthony Joshua fought at the Prinicipality Stadium when footfall was high and much focus was on Cardiff.


Key partners:

FOR Cardiff Community Foundation in Wales, The Big Issue, The Wallich, Huggard Centre Cardiff Council Public Health Wales Cardiff Blues Rugby Club, Morgan Quarter Centre Management team South Wales Police Clear Channel.


Outcome of campaign:

The contactless window element of the campaign was only ever meant to be for a short period of time and £7,600 was raised! More importantly many people were educated in thinking about how best to support those on the streets.

Consequently anecdotal evidence has indicated that income from begging dropped as a consequence, making it less attractive a proposition. Businesses now want FOR Cardiff to continue the campaign and also do their own bit to help the situation, which the task group is working on.

Interest in the scheme has been generated from all over the UK from City Centre Partnerships and other BIDs.

It has increased the awareness of FOR Cardiff as a relatively new BID and provided added respect for delivering a high profile and successful campaign which deals with a UK wide and complex issue. More businesses are asking how they can assist with dealing with the issue than before the campaign began.


Next steps:

We have agreed a Charter and a series of pledges which employees, businesses, support organisations and the public can sign up to in order to commit to ending rough sleeping and begging. We will also be installing a series of contactless payment points within businesses – retail, offices, bar etc to ensure that the concept of contactless donations as an alternative means of supporting those on the streets continues. The frequency of these payment points is increasing and the cost of buying these is decreasing so this is becoming a more viable proposition for such projects. Marketing our text to donate number will continue as winter sets in and we will be ensuring that the 2 new Police Officers that FOR Cardiff have started to fund will support the business community who have been blighted by anti-social behavioural issues caused by those begging but also provide pathway support to those who are causing the issues.


With thanks to the Association of Town and City Management (ATCM) for this piece! @ATCMUK


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