Landsec Construction Academy: Chantal’s story

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Last modified on 31/08/2018

A stronger workforce means better business. Although unemployment is at an 11-year low, there will be many unfilled vacancies in construction by 2018. This is a serious issue for our industry: without the right people in the right roles developments may be delayed, construction prices could rise, and business will slow.

Yet there are people out there who could do great work given the chance, not least homeless people, disabled people and ex-offenders. Others, particularly young people, have a huge amount to offer – but don’t think a career in property is an option.

Landsec are connecting these dots: bringing more people into our industry and building a strong workforce for the future. Alongside partners from their communities and supply chain, Landsec give disadvantaged groups the training they need to get back into work.

Landsec work with schools to encourage students into construction and customer service roles. And they attract talented people to Landsec by being a great place to work!


Chantal was unemployed for years before joining our Construction Academy.

After some training and a work placement, she earned herself a full-time job as a Traffic Marshall with Keltbray, managing the flow of vehicles in and out of our construction sites.

She was a winner at our Community Employment Awards.


What did you do before joining the Construction Academy?

I had a job as a carer. I used to look after the elderly and go from house to house. One day my car was stolen and the job was finished. Then it took me seven years until Landsec fished me out!


How has Keltbray supported you?

They train people. That word ‘training’ was very interesting for me, because I had never worked on site before and I didn’t know anything about it. I would never have thought that I would be here. For me it’s a miracle.


How has this changed your life?

Every day is an achievement because every day I’m learning. Coming to work, earning money, but also learning for the future. I just feel more independent again. It’s changed not only my life but my family’s life. The whole family are happy because of this job.


First posted Friday 13 October 2017


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