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Last modified on 09/10/2018

During April/May 2017, St David's Dewi Sant ran the We Loves the Diff appeal - an appeal to raise £20,000 from the sales generated by five limited edition prints, raising money for three important, local, homelessness charities.  

The retail place teamed up with I Loves the Diff to co-produce five limited edition prints of Cardiff City which customers could purchase for a minimum of £3 between April 29 and May 27 2017.


Key partners: I Loves the Diff and benefitting charities were Llamau, The Wallich and The Huggard Centre


Outcome of campaign:

Having co-created the prints alongside ‘I Loves the Diff’, £30,200 was successfully raised for the charities, a +50% on the original £20k target. 

The appeal went viral and reached 14 million people across social media, helping make it the success it was. All prints sold out over the course of the 5 weeks and 5,000 prints now hang proudly in homes, from across the UK to Australia! The money was split across the 3 charities and used for essential services and programmes, including 

  • Back to work schemes
  • Education Programmes
  • Life Skills Programmes
  • Beds in night shelters
  • Meals

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