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Last modified on 15/08/2018

Catherine Lambert, Head of Retail Management, Cushman & Wakefield LLP


As Chair of the Revo Educational Trust, I am acutely aware of the challenges our teams face in the ever evolving retail industry and am hugely excited about the reinvigorated education and training programme we are developing which is seeking to address and future proof the skills of our industry.

For example, the role of the Centre Manager has evolved dramatically over recent years to one of business and relationship management. No longer do they have the sole responsibility of managing centres, they are ambassadors with a far-reaching role in the community.

The role sees them engaging and fostering good relations with key stakeholder groups and the public to create an exciting and dynamic environment in which to spend valuable time and, hopefully, to shop.

Careers in the industry are wide ranging, exciting, challenging and fulfilling and we are seeking to encourage (and retain) top talent into a very dynamic industry.

We as your Educational Trust are looking at a number of initiatives that aim to accelerate progression and are creating a high-quality training programme that will meet the future needs of our industry.

To help us achieve this goal, we are addressing several key issues:

How do we engage with the future talent pool to entice the right candidates to our industry and demonstrate that there is a raft of fulfilling career paths to be had?

How do we engage effectively with schools and colleges to create a wider awareness?

Does the educational landscape encourage or deter young people from engaging with the process?

The complexities of Brexit present additional challenges for the industry:

Are we confident that we will continue to have multiple-skillsets and labour choices at our fingertips and, if not, how do we as an industry deal with that potential resourcing issue?

Are we doing enough with academia and industry to build the right training tools and products to enable us to develop and manage the multi-faceted retail real estates of the future?

And then there is the challenge of the online experience versus the physical offering:

How do we stay competitive and remain an investment hotspot through the upskilling and retention of our workforce?

For a long time, the industry has had the fortune of an open and skilled diverse workforce, but we cannot afford to rest on our laurels as that option may not be as readily available in the future.

Safeguarding our industry by investing in people and encouraging the future pipeline is a necessity that needs to be addressed immediately.

I am enthused that we, as your industry charity body, will rise to this challenge and create a successful, well-respected and recognised training programme that works for you and the future of our industry.



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