Silverburn’s Pop-Up Business School

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Last modified on 31/08/2018

As part of Retail Matters Week 2017, Silverburn Glasgow were proud to host their very own pop-up business school!

The course provided local people with a 5 day crash course in how to set up a business from finances, marketing and legal matters.

The course also gave the participants the confidence and motivation to go out and start their own businesses, with 100% of participants stating their confidence had improved after attending the course.

Some great feedback was received from the attendees, describing it as incredible, priceless, interesting and fun! One attendee commented, ‘the workshops are a life saver for those starting out particularly when finance is a struggle; providing vital information to make the most from the business’

Course participants had all sorts of start-up businesses including handmade crafts, a vegan café, cartoon designs, selling prescription glasses online and even reviewing mattresses and pillows!

Simon Paine who hosted the business school stated, “It’s fantastic that Silverburn and Hammerson are supporting local people in the community to get their business ideas off the ground. It really helps to give people the confidence to get started!”

First posted Tuesday 23 October 2017


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