We connect Local Authorities with relevant retail market players, be they investors, developers or advisors, to ensure councils get the inside track on this complex world., are supporting Local Authorities.

If you‘re focusing on regeneration or revitalising your community this year and beyond, then Revo is the place for you. You will gain everything from insight, inspiring seminars and networking with the most senior people from our industry.

Revo are committed to helping Local Authorities forge long-term mutually beneficial partnerships in order to navigate complex regeneration planning and funding challenges.



Local Authority Hub 

The next big opportunity for you is at Revo Liverpool 2019.

Call us the eharmony or Tinder of the retail property and placemaking community. We don’t mind because that’s what we do. And there’s no swiping left to right. 

We match Local Authorities (LA’s) with relevant market players including investors, developers and advisors. To help LA’s forge long-term mutually beneficial relationships in order to navigate complex regeneration planning and funding challenges. Not so much marriage in mind but certainly a long and fruitful relationship.

If your town centre or place is in need of love, some TLC or better still insight, cold hard investment and lots of energy Revo can help connect you to the right private partner.

Through our insightful events, inspiring forums and unique initiatives we bring LA’s and private companies together. To form a match to drive salient change. 

Our next meeting of the minds is Revo Liverpool 2019.

We’ll have a special Match area just for LA’s with bespoke branding for each authority. A Match meeting area. Whilst it’s not speed dating it’s certainly an opportunity to meet the senior decision makers from the private sector. Hundreds of them will be in attendance so it’s the perfect time to find out if you’re right for each other. There be lots of newbies to choose from.

More than a twinkle in the eye there’ll be tailor-make speaker programmes and panel discussions so not only can you see who’s who, you can find out their character, approach and if it’s the right fit for you.

If you need a little direction or additional help in your search creating the perfect relationship, we’ve produce a super-duper bonding guide. We call it Revo’s Route Map to Regeneration which sets a framework for LA’s, developers and investors to deliver sustainable, resilient centres that attract investment and deliver regenerative projects. It’s only by finding your perfect partner that such success can be achieved. It’s all about the chemistry, don’t you know.

Plus, if you’re in to research and are interested in the barriers that might prevent finding that perfect match we’ve got honest, open insight in to the challenges and solutions faced when paring up with the perfect partner. Called Fixing Our Town Centres its part one of our research programme with Carter Jonas and provides in-depth views from LA’s, investors, developers and other key stakeholders.

There’s nothing better than a sweet romance and a partnership that works in true tandem. So again, with Carter Jonas we’ve produced some harmonious case studies where perfect partnerships have been created. 

It’s all down to visionary LA thinking, private experience and investment. In doing so these exciting, dynamic and successful relationships have produced fantastic examples of regeneration, mixed use and retail space; we’ve called it Inspiring Local Authority Regeneration Projects. Take a look here.  They’re matches made in heaven.