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Maintaining a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in a safe and secure environment can be a difficult balancing act for any public space especially during times of heightened alert.

The latest protective security advice to counter terrorism; tackling important areas such as low cost/no cost security mitigation, identity verification, business continuity, anti-social behaviour and much more. 

2016 and 2017 was a game changer for the UK Police and Security Services as they tackled a wide range of threats and disruptive activity within both the physical and virtual world, as well as the aftermath of the incidents in London and Manchester.

Whilst this complex and challenging work continues, it is vital that we continue to prioritise the security and safety of our retail and public spaces.

Update on Coronavirus

Please find to follow advice on practical steps, for consideration, to take in relation to Coronavirus:

  • Review Risk assessments.

  • Review Business Continuity Plans – to ensure that they deal with loss of workforce due to – spread of infectious diseases.

  • Conduct weekly reviews as to current position, monitor Public Health England.

  • Consider appointing a single point of contact who deals with all inputs, reviews as above and provides a corporate view.

We continue to signpost you to the advice issued by PHE. We understand that some sites, especially those within the radius of current confirmed cases in the UK, have rolled out additional hand cleansing stations.


Committee dates.

Revo Security and Safer Shopping Committee will next meet on:

  • Thursday 6 February

Guidance coming soon: 

  • Social media monitoring

  • Protest and activism 

Contact: Emma Hurt 

 2019 Safety and Security Conference Assets


Session 1: Retail Business Crime

Session 2: Urban Explorers

Session 3: Vulnerable People - Suicide Awareness and Prevention

Session 4: Striking the balance in a world of change

Session 6: Overview of CPNI CT Physical Security Programmes & Intro to MTA Guidance

Session 7: Communications to Improve Security

Delegates have been invited to support the CTP’s festive messaging on digital screens, staff noticeboards or any other comms channel available to them. The toolkit will be available from 18 October. To support the campaign please register your interest here.

Session 8: Corrosive Substance Incidents

Download our information update on Acid Attacks.


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Gareth Griffiths, Security & Resilience Manager at The Crown Estate reflects on his key takeaways from Revo's 2019 Safety & Security Conference, including retail's response to urban explorers and suicide prevention. Read the full post here.


How to add value through security in placemaking and people centred design

Philip Jones, Security Manager, Unibail Rodamco Westfield, reflects how retail destinations can add value by focusing on security in placemaking and people centred design. Read the full post here.



Guidance Note 127: Fire Safety

Case Study: Responding to a suicide attempt in a shopping centre (Market Place, Bolton)

Vulnerable People: Suicide prevention and awareness for the retail industry

Guidance Note 124: People At Risk

Guidance Note 123: Keeping retail places free from anti-social behaviour

Guidance Note 122: Crime Reporting Systems

Guidance Note 121: Urban Explorers 

Guidance Note 119: Traveller Incursion

Guidance Note 117: Cash Valuables in Transit 

Guidance Note 110: Managing security in retail property

Guidance Note 109: Recruitment and training of security officers

Guidance Note 102: Electronic cigarettes (vaping) 

Guidance Note 95: Security threat mitigation response levels

Guidance Note 90: Smash and Grab – prevention and damage limitation

Guidance Note 86: CCTV in shopping centres and associated car parks

Guidance Note 80: Firearm attacks in shopping centres

Integrated safety management and major incidents in retail places

Protecting Shopping Centres: Human Factors guidance 

Glossary of Terms



Information notes.

Acid Attacks 
Unmanned aerial vehicles - Drones



News and Blogs.

Mental Health Awareness - Supporting Staff

Stranger on the Bridge

Market Place Bolton, Mental First Aid

Paul Ogden, Mental First Aider 

Suicide Awareness and Prevention

Modern Slavery

Misuse of charging boxes

Be alert not alarmed



Security updates.

December 2019

March 2019 

August 2018

March 2018




Safety & Security Conference, Birmingham 2019

Counter Terrorism Conference, Westfield London 2018 See the presentations here



Recommended documents and websites.

Crowded Places guidance
ACT e-learning
National Stakeholder Menu of Tactical Options
Mail Screening

Counter Terrorism Security Advisors (CTSA) are trained in specialist areas to provide protective security guidance. There are close to 200 CTSA’s Nationwide. Find your local CTSA at www.nactso.gov.uk 

National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO)
Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI)
National Business Crime Centre (NBCC)
National Business Crime Solution (NBCS)
Cross Sector Security Communications (CSSC)