How to Enter.


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Submission Guidance.

Applications are invited from a whole host of retail places, including shopping centres, retail parks,
leisure destinations, outlets and transport hubs. They may be entered by a number of disciplines; centre or asset management, managing agents, councils, operational teams, or the owners and investors themselves.

Your application must be submitted using the online platform. Once your application for the main category has been completed, you will be asked if you wish to make any ACE Star Submissions.

A photograph and full rota using the correct template must be submitted of each ACE Star nominee. We recommend that during these months, you plan to schedule your candidate(s) to similar working hours throughout the mystery shopping visit period in order to submit rotas in advance. We can no longer accept full rotas after the deadline but changes can be made.

ACE Star nominees will receive a visit from the mystery shopper co-ordinated to the rota
submitted. Mystery shoppers will use the picture and location provided during the entry process.

Should a nominee not be at their advised post, the shopper will return after a maximum of 20 minutes. If the nominee is still not at their advised post, the mystery shopper will return on a different day and attempt to visit the ACE Star again. If after these four attempts, the mystery shopper is still not able to find the nominee, a score of 0 will be awarded however entrants will still be required to pay the full cost.

It is therefore essential that any changes to rotas are submitted as soon as possible or by 8.30am
on each day of the mystery shopping process.

Entry Fees.

Entries are accompanied by the following fees*:

Community: £265
Retail Place: £265
Leisure Place: £265
Regional: £295
Destination: £335
ACE Star: £85 for each nominee

*Prices exclusive of VAT.