Future Gazing Series: Exploring public & private partnerships

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The vibrancy of our town centres is a product of strategic investment, along with a shared vision and will to deliver. As more and more public sector investment is made in retail real estate, the role of local authorities is evolving as critical contributors to the creation and investment in places that support communities to thrive and prosper.

Today, public / private partnerships are critical to the future of our urban centres.

Whatever the development, local authorities and the private sector are increasingly coming together to make things happen. How can we further foster successful partnerships? There is so much we can learn from one another.

Hear from:

Chairperson: Nick Strachan, Leslie Jones & Chair of Revo Hub

Mark Bradbury, Director - Property & Economy, Enfield Council
Julie Pears, Head of Future Places, Ellandi
Matthew Ogg, Policy Advisor, Revo

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