Enhance your Negotiating Skills


Up to 8 hours CPD available.


Designed for the professional development of young professionals to become more effective and successful negotiators.



You will be able to:

  • Prepare for and manage negotiation effectively to achieve your desired outcome.

  • Understand and manage the negotiation process.

  • Adapt to different negotiation styles and tactics you face.

  • Be able to persuade and influence the other party.

  • Build confidence and competence.

Key topics covered during the day include:

  • Setting up for success by comprehensive preparation and planning.

  • Identifying different types of negotiation and the styles appropriate to managing them.

  • Key behaviours underpinning success.

  • Negotiation tactics available to all parties.

  • Persuasion techniques in negotiation.

  • Process of negotiation.



The Timetable. 

Welcome, introductions and objectives for the session

09:30 - Differentiated negotiation 

  • Understanding the four main types of negotiation. 
  • How the other party may view the negotiation. 
  • What to consider in your preparation and how to plan what style, approach and behaviour is most appropriate. 

10:30 - 
Negotiation behaviours underpinning success  

  • The difference between assertion, aggression and submission in negotiation. 
  • How to be firm but friendly. 
  • How to earning the respect of the other party. 
  • Being persistent. 

11:00 - Break


11:15 - Preparation and planning…the key to success! 

  • Preparing for the ‘what’. 
  • Focusing on the ‘how’ to achieve the ‘what’. 
  • Allocating preparation time for important negotiations. 
  • Rehearsals change the picture and how best to conduct them.

12:30 - Lunch

13:30 - Persuasion in negotiation 

Participants will be invited to complete a short questionnaire in order to help identify their preferred style of persuasion in negotiation.

14:15 - ‘The Negotiation Challenge’ 

The group breaks into small teams and are asked to consider a series of short case studies with multi choice answers.

15:00 - Break

15:15 - ‘The Negotiation Challenge’ continued. 

During this session everyone will be invited to share their own case study for consideration.

16:30 - Summary and final questions 

17:00 - Depart



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Standard Revo Hub: £399

Standard Member/Open to the public/Non-member: £499


*Exclusive of VAT



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