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In the digital age, your customers are no longer looking for a conventional shopping experience. They want to eat, drink and be entertained through a variety of activities; whether it’s through rock climbing, seeing the latest blockbuster or going to the gym. It’s down to you to ensure your retail place takes the next step and continues to evolve and we’re here to help you do just that! 



09:15 Registration 



10:00 Welcome

  • Bernard Ferris, Chair, Revo North 
  • Mark Williams, Revo President & Director, The Hark Group



 Chair: Edward Cooke, Chief Executive, Revo 

10:20 Creating great places through partnerships 

Modern successful placemaking requires collaboration between a multitude of stakeholders. From developers to local authorities, to BIDs and LEPs, creating sustainable places requires building relationships from planning and regeneration to destination marketing, safety and security. Changes to local government finance, devolution and resources means innovative solutions are required to ensure towns and cities can continue to deliver services above and beyond the basics.

  • Steve Brown, Managing Director, Make it York
  • Andrew Cooper, Chief Executive, LeedsBID
  • Tim Cornford, Associate Director - Asset Management, Ellandi
  • Malcolm Veigas, Market Operational Director, Market Asset Management



11:20 Break



11:45 Independents’ day

Curating a unique and engaging environment for your highly informed, constantly searching customer is vital. Times are tough, no doubt about it, but the pedestrian pound is far from extinct and retail places are often the perfect incubators for independent businesses to grow and flourish.

Our panel will examine the growth and future of this trend, and how fledgling operators now approach business start-up and strategy. We’ll also be considering how consumers and start-ups are becoming more community focussed and we’ll be examining the response of landlords, including how business models are adapting to support independent retailers to thrive and prosper.

  • Paul Clifford, Managing Director, Space to Trade
  • Chris Savage, Projects Manager, NMTF
  • Jane Stewart, Deputy Centre Manager, The Brunel Swindon
  • Mark Williams, Revo President & Director, The Hark Group



12:45 Lunch



14:00 Connected places: Live. Work. Shop. Eat. Play

Retail places aren’t just places to shop any more. They are places that different demographics spend time in for a whole host of different reasons. Customers want to work shop, eat, and be entertained in new ways, connecting with experiences and through new channels.

As an industry we are re-purposing and transforming spaces and places to deliver these new formats and experiences to ensure that they are relevant, engaging with, and understanding, other parts of the real estate, infrastructure, retail and placemaking sector as we move towards more dynamic, mixed-use destinations.

Presentation by:

  • Richard Eyre, Head of Centre Management, Major Events & Markets, Sheffield City Council
  • Nalin Seneviratne, Director – City Centre Development, Sheffield City Council


  • Daryll Bunce, Director - New Revenue Solutions, Moorgarth Group
  • Grigor Grigorov, Architect and Partner, Make Architects



15:00 The next-generation experience

It's important for our places to constantly evolve, offering an innovative retail and leisure community designed for the Instagram generations. Customers should find convenience, experience, excitement and delight - all in one place.

Placemaking is not an idea for the future, it’s now - but where's it heading? It’s down to our industry to understand the next-generation experience. Axiom will be a unique regional shopping destination with leisure, sports, culture and outdoor pursuits in a highly accessible location. It’s one of the UK’s most significant regeneration projects and will be a benchmark next-generation retail and leisure experience.

Presentation by:

  • Philip Lunn, Managing Director, Lateral Property



16:15 Closing remarks

  • Edward Cooke, Chief Executive, Revo 



16:30 Close of conference

19:00 Drinks reception

19:45 Welcome

20:00 Dinner

22:00 After-dinner speaker

22:30 Networking

00:00 Close


On Friday 5 October, a golf day has been set up for those who are staying over and wish to participate.

Please contact Dave Probyn directly for more information.