Please refer to our Awards Entry Guide for full category criteria.



Cause Related Marketing.

This award recognises an innovative marketing activity/campaign created from a partnership between your retail destination and a not for profit organisation. It should have mutually agreed objectives and benefit both parties. The activity should be clearly linked to your wider marketing objectives and also your business’ CSR strategies and/or policies.

NEW! One Great Day. 

This year we are also recognising innovative stand-alone fundraising events or campaigns that aim to do more than raise money for a great cause as part of our One Great Day sub-category. Entries are welcome from retail destinations that have hosted a successful One Great Day campaign, resulting in the establishment of the retail place as a leader in community engagement and charitable action.

Entrants will have envisaged a strategy that seeks to enhance the customers’ experience whilst also effectively engaging retailers and other appropriate stakeholders in the campaign. Ultimately, we are looking for innovation and community leadership that raises funds and awareness for a great cause.




Awarded to the best event(s), which creatively engage shoppers through on-site activities. This category assesses two markers; creativity of concept and proven results. Events are now commonplace in retail destinations across the UK and producing something ground-breaking is exceptionally challenging. This category aims to reward the best of the best in the events arena; events that break the mould and stand out with exceptional activity, whilst still delivering return on investment. The event may be a stand-alone project or part of an overall campaign.



Strategic Marketing Campaign.

This category recognises the results of a multi-layered, innovative campaign, which embraces all disciplines (digital/outdoor advertising, social media, events, PR etc.) of the marketing mix providing there is tangible evidence of SMART objectives and the subsequent results. The campaign can cover any area of your marketing strategy such as a re-brand, launch of a new retail destination, CR etc. however it must show creativity, ROI and raises the bar of ingenuity when utilising the full marketing mix.



Tactical Marketing Communications.

Entrants into this category will need to demonstrate an effective, creative tactical campaign with short-term objectives and can focus on one or more communications channels. These should be optimal for your chosen tactical message/s and target audience, with judges looking for particular emphasis on the creative look and feel of the campaign

Entries will need to be able to deliver strong results such as driving footfall, retailer sales and ROI.



Creative Partnership Award.

This award provides recognition to those individuals or companies that have developed partnerships between two or more parties working on a restricted budget – for example BIDs, PR agencies or multiple agencies. This will be presented as an award rather than its own category. The judges will consider the value of the relationship, effective collaboration and return on investment, evidenced through the entry.

To enter this award, you will need to provide details of the partnership in 250 words or under , and select the tick box on the entry platform to confirm that it was a creative partnership between a retail destination and at least one other party.