Entries will be judged on the following basis:


Scoring Criteria.

Each submission will be judged against specific criteria to ensure consistency of scoring across all entries, there could therefore be many winners or none depending on the standard of excellence. The criteria are:

Planning / strategy - 15 points

Creativity - 15 points

Implementation - 5 points

Expenditure & results - 15 points

Scoring Criteria for the Strategic Marketing Campaign Award.

The Committee have taken on board feedback in relation to the scoring criteria for the Strategic Marketing Campaign Award. Therefore, the updated criteria for this Award is as follows:

Planning/strategy - 15 points

Creativity - 10 points

Implementation - 10 points

Expenditure & results - 15 points

The word count allocation for this category has also been updated and is outlined in the Awards Entry Guide.


Purple Apple Merit – over 35 points

This award provides recognition of high quality marketing performance that clearly exceeds expectations. 

Purple Apple Award – over 40 points

This award is the ultimate achievement, scoring exceptionally well against all judging criteria and demonstrating new industry standards of creativity, delivery and performance within shopping centre marketing.

Golden Apple

Awarded to the entry that scores the highest number of points across all categories.


Creative Partnership Award.

This award provides recognition to those individuals or companies that have developed partnerships between two or more parties working on a restricted budget – for example BIDs, PR agencies or multiple agencies. This will be presented as an award rather than its own category. The judges will consider the value of the relationship, effective collaboration and return on investment, evidenced through the entry.

To enter this award, you will need to provide details of the partnership in under 100 words, and select the tick box on the entry platform to confirm:

1) It was a creative partnership between a centre and at least one other party.
2) The budget for the entry was below £10,000 (this figure relates to the budget on the specific entry rather than the overall centre budget).


Entries will be judged by overall marketing budget.

The awards are judged by the overall marketing budget of your retail destination (excluding Christmas decorations and grottos) rather than size. This is purely to help the judges to understand quickly and easily the scale of the activity and available resources etc. The entries in each budget band are not competing against each other. 

The Budget categories are: 

> Under £50,000

> £50,000 - £100,000

> £100,001 - £250,000

> £250,001 - £500,000

> £500,001 - £750,000

> £750,001 - £1m

> £1,000,001 - £2m

> £2,000,001 - £3m

> £3m+