Entries will be judged on the following basis:


Scoring Criteria.

Each submission will be judged against specific criteria to ensure consistency of scoring across all entries. The criteria are:

Planning / strategy - 15 points

Creativity - 15 points

Implementation - 5 points

Expenditure & results - 15 points

Scoring Criteria for the Strategic Marketing Campaign Award.

The Committee have taken on board feedback in relation to the scoring criteria for the Strategic Marketing Campaign Award. Therefore, the updated criteria for this Award is as follows:

Planning/strategy - 15 points

Creativity - 10 points

Implementation - 10 points

Expenditure & results - 15 points

The word count allocation for this category has also been updated and is outlined in the Awards Entry Guide.


Purple Apple Merit – 37-40 points

This award provides recognition of high quality marketing performance that clearly exceeds expectations. 

Purple Apple Award – 41 or more points

This award is the ultimate achievement, scoring exceptionally well against all judging criteria and demonstrating new industry standards of creativity, delivery and performance within shopping centre marketing.

Golden Apple

Awarded to the entry that scores the highest number of points across all categories.


Retail Place.

In order for our judges to quickly and easily understand the scale of your activity and resource available to you, we’ll ask for more information on the type of retail destination you’re submitting an entry for. 

Based on the classification system below, let our judges know where your destination fits! It could have all or the majority of the below attributes.


  • Convenience/needs based
  • A lower customer spend
  • Frequent customers/visits
  • 2 hours or less dwell time
  • Retail mix tailored to the local community/catchment
  • Likely to be under 500,000 sq. ft.


  • The focus of retail in a town or city
  • The dominant asset in a top 50 town
  • At least 1 anchor store
  • Weekly or monthly customer visits
  • 2-4 hours dwell time
  • Some food, beverage and leisure offering
  • Likely to be 500,000 – 1 million sq. ft


  • Stand alone
  • A quality restaurant and leisure offering
  • At least 2 anchor stores
  • Monthly or quarterly customer visits
  • 4 hours+ dwell time
  • Wide catchment
  • Likely to be 1 million sq. ft+

Retail and Leisure Place.

  • Uncovered
  • Out of town
  • Stand alone
  • Big box units
  • May be specialised such as Outlet Mall or Transport Hub
  • Could be almost exclusively a leisure/entertainment destination
  • Often complemented with a F&B offer

Let the judges know about your annual marketing budget too so they can quickly understand the scale of the activity and available resources etc.

The budget categories are: 

  • Under £50,000
  • £50,000 - £100,000
  • £100,001 - £250,000
  • £250,001 - £500,000
  • £500,001 - £750,000
  • £750,001 - £1m
  • £1,000,001 - £2m
  • £2,000,001 - £3m
  • £3m+


Our Judges.

Chair of the Judges: Deborah Owen-Ellis Clark, Director of Marketing, Places for People

Matt Baker, Destination, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Clare Beswick, Abbey Centre, Newtownabbey Marketing Manager
Michelle Buxton, Toolbox Marketing, CEO
Alex Clark, Victoria Place, Centre Manager
Emma Collings, British Land, Head of Marketing – Brand and Creative
Samantha Czwordon-Auld, The Bridges, Marketing Manager
Nicola Dixon-Brown, CBRE Director
Lavinia Douglass, The Mall Luton, Marketing Manager
Christine Ely, Harvard, Account Manager
Craig Higgins, The Ridings Shopping Centre, Marketing Manager
Heather Ingham, Middlebrook Retail and Leisure Park, Retail Marketing & PR Manager
Katie Leach, Shoppertainment, Associate Director
Dominique Lippett, Kingfisher, Marketing Manager
Amanda Mills, Key Lime, Marketing Company Director
Sam Moore, AL Marketing, Senior Account Manager
Michal Noe, One Great Day, Founder
Emily Palmer, Festival Place Shopping Centre, Marketing Manager
Katie Pattison, CallisonRTKL, Marketing Lead EMEA
Samantha Robinson, Ladysmith Shopping Centre, Assistant Centre Manager
Duncan Tanner, Bluewater, Digital Marketing Manager
James Tootle, Bruntwood, Senior Retail and Leisure Manager
Khatija Verjee, Moorgarth, Group Head of Marketing
Paul Wilson, Belle Vale Shopping Centre, Centre Manager
Gwen Youlden, Cushman and Wakefield, Head of Retail Marketing & Commercialisation

All judges are asked to check their eligibility before judging an entry. If there is any question of potential bias, judges will ‘opt-out’ of judging that entry. The Chair of the Judges will ensure the awards continue to be recognised as the standard within the industry. Revo reserves the right to verify results with the Chair of the Judges.