Entry Support.

There are various ways we can provide you with additional support along your entry journey.

Rolling Apples. 

It's your chance to come face to face with our experts to discuss your entry, hear about the award programme and learn from last year's winners themselves all before you hit submit! A great opportunity to pick up all the hints and tips to give your entry the winning edge. 

Purple Apple Marketing Committee Guidance.

Check your entry is fully complete!

Need an extra helping hand? Send your entry to the Purple Apple Marketing Committee and they'll check that your entry includes all relevant information and supporting material. Please be aware that the Committee will not provide comment on the content itself and it may takeup to a week for your entry to be checked and sent back. 


You can also download one of our many guides to help you complete your application. 

Awards Entry Guide

Small Retail Destination Guide

Winning Tips

Glossary of Abbreviations

Supporting Files.

Be sure to download the Results/ROI spreadsheet and Supporting evidence file template. If you do not use these templates, you will be deducted points.

Results/ROI spreadsheet (check out the example on the second sheet!)

Supporting evidence file