Digital Showcase.

Our Digital Showcase is host to some of the newest technologies and innovators shaping how retail property owners, managers and retailers better engage with consumers on a deeper level and are helping to digitize businesses across retail and wider sectors.

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GEZE is one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of door, window and safety technology. Our comprehensive range of solutions include the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of automatic doors, manual door technology, glass systems, access control, smoke and heat extraction, and window ventilation. GEZE solutions can be connected to full building management systems, forming a critical part of fire, safety and security strategies.

We continue to be at the forefront of building innovation and interaction with smart building concepts, working closely with clients, architects and end users to combine elegance and design with practical efficiency and reliability. Our wide range of applications can be found in retail developments in over 100 countries worldwide and continue to ensure building sustainability and staff and consumer accessibility and wellbeing.

Karen Sum
Global Account Manager
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Kazendi is Europe’s leading HoloLens development studio. As specialists in the field of Mixed Reality, Kazendi provides innovative solutions for businesses looking to better engage with their customers, support their staff and disrupt the marketplace.

Working with brands such as Allianz, Deloitte and Segro, Kazendi has demonstrated through its efficient and intelligent prototyping that HoloLens has application to sectors from retail and insurance to consultancy and construction.

Matthew Bumford
Head of Sales and Marketing
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Loaf Creative - The Creative Campaigns Agency

We believe creativity can transform businesses. And that great ideas can solve the kind of challenges that are faced by retail, every day. This is a sector in constant, fast-moving change. A sector that needs a partner who can deliver attention-demanding, action-inspiring campaigns to keep your brand relevant today, and ready for tomorrow. We work with ambitious clients who want strategic, creative & tech solutions for real time business problems, and have produced ideas and worked as partners alongside some of the most effective and established retail property brands including Liverpool ONE, Allied London, Spinningfields Manchester and The Avenue Manchester. Our company ethos, culture and what we work with all our clients to do is… go beyond.

Alan Houghton
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Mallcomm is the leading platform for running successful retail destinations. Facilitating effective management and engaged retail communities through two-way communication, it connects retailers and all functions involved in the delivery of the shopping experience.

Used by Europe’s top ten destinations and leading global retail brands, Mallcomm uses smartphone technology to exchange information necessary in the day-to-day operations of a retail community, integrating with existing operational systems (security, data collection and reporting, facilities and marketing). 

Mallcomm is a powerful business tool. It facilitates easy collection and analysis of essential data such as sales and footfall, manages critical communications, drives sales through an engaged internal community, manages customer services and drives connected marketing activity.

Mallcomm has more than 250,000 users worldwide in destinations of all sizes. Clients include London’s Oxford Street, Regent Street and Bond Street, plus some of the UK’s leading shopping places such as Sheffield’s Meadowhall, Cardiff’s St David’s Centre and Liverpool ONE.  

Michelle Buxton
Group Managing Director
T: +44(0)1359 250 208

David Fuller
Group Digital Director
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Future proofing physical retail and leisure.

Omnifi is a digital innovation agency specialising in retail and leisure, founded in 2014 by Simon Liss, Andy Burgess, and Nick Holroyd-Doveton and currently supported by a team of 12 digital specialists. The company’s focus is on bridging the digital and physical divide, helping retailers and leisure business connect with their customers across mobile devices, in-store screens, IoT and Wi-Fi.

To achieve this, Omnifi develops its own innovative products and integrates third party technologies through a design, development and deployment process that is both human centred and commercially pragmatic.

This insight and value-driven approach has enabled the agency to develop long-term relationships with clients such as The Restaurant Group, Rank Group and TUI Group. Its latest product, the Omnibeacon, has won Innovate UK funding and is currently being tested with a number of retail and leisure partners.

T: +44 (0)20 3744 1546








Optimity is the No.1 provider of Wibre in the UK- the pioneering alternative to fibre optic leased lines.

Based in London, Optimity has won a number of awards for its innovative Wibre service, which provides business with a blindingly-fast broadband.The technology combines the best of fibre with pioneering 5G technology to provide businesses with an affordable alternative to fibre without the long lead times.It is a technical breakthrough that will become the new normal for businesses to connect to the internet.

As a start-up, it has already helped hundreds of businesses revolutionise their internet connection.It’s now rapidly scaling to provide its services to every business regardless of size.

Anthony Impey
Founder & CEO
T: +44 (0)20 7749 1010 | +44 (0)7739 672 201









Realities Centre

The Realities Centre, located in Shoreditch, London, addresses the lack of AR and VR specific co-working spaces with the UK’s capital. After organising 15 events such as conferences looking at the uses of AR and VR in retail, medical, education and much more, additional accelerator programmes for these two unique mediums will be hosted by the Realities Centre which will aid the growth of AR and VR breaking new ground for future technologies.

In addition to providing funding to start-ups, the Realities Centre assists development by providing education services for corporates and developers through accredited classes and mentors services, as well as offering access to technologies otherwise unavailable to developers.

Visit us in the Digital Showcase at Revo Liverpool 2017 where we’ll be demonstrating a multi user solution from VROOMX, the world's only multi-user Virtual Reality interactive real estate showroom solution.

Thomas Gere
CEO & Co-founder












Sthaler has developed the world’s first match-on-cloud biometric identification platform which creates exceptionally secure identity-driven products, services and global payment solutions.

Sthaler's first product Fingopay will rival conventional payment methods, becoming the safest and fastest retail payment system. Fingopay, allows individuals to identify themselves, pay for goods and receive real-time offers at the point of sale by using their finger. Through an agreement with Hitachi, Fingopay is powered by vein ID authentication technology the most advanced and scalable biometric available.

Miche Tompkins
Marketing Director
T: +44 (0) 203 189 1460 | 07590 204 778