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A special invitation. Be a DiscoTech challenger!

Inspiring collaboration between our industry and the innovative tech community to actively address real life challenges around future retail and placemaking.

As part of the UK’s most dynamic and inclusive retail property and placemaking event, leading businesses in our industry will be engaging with young technologists, start-ups and SMEs in a new and live innovation initiative - DiscoTech™


What is DiscoTech?

An opportunity to Discover new technologies. Technology needs to address real issues faced by our industry and aim to simplify or answer these.DiscoTech @ Revo 2017 will represent the needs of diverse sectors and explore the ways technology can grow, improve and sustain the UK’s physical retail industry.



By engaging with the unique skills and expertise available in the SME and start-up community to address these, particularly where existing solution paths are not readily identifiable.

This initiative brings you together with prop and retail tech innovators to work on finding solutions to specific challenges which are, as yet, an unsolved issue in your business, buildings, or destinations. 

DiscoTech seeks to offer solutions to issues that manifest throughout a range of property activities, including: investing, designing, constructing, developing, managing, leasing and selling.

Our invitation to you. Get involved! Take up one of our exclusive ‘challenger’ places on offer this year.


Over two days in the live conference environment, through a series of collaborative sessions – YOU: the Challenger (property developers, investor, manager, advisor or retailer) will get to engage with the Innovators (techies, start-ups and SMEs) to help address your specific challenges around future retail and placemaking activities.

Challenge solutions will be actively developed in real time by our set of hand-picked innovators through a facilitated and open innovation process on the exhibition floor.

Don’t miss this unique business opportunity to build new collaborations potentially leading to longer term commercial co-creation!


And there’s more … Digital Showcase

Revo Liverpool 2017 will also play host to a digital showcase of new technologies and innovators shaping how retail property owners, managers and retailers engage with consumers in an integrated omni-channel market. Discover leading prop and retail tech with experts in 3D technologies, robotics, wireless networks, and disruptive technologies currently helping to digitize businesses across retail and wider sectors.


What next? How does it work?

What’s next? Tell us you’re interested in being a DiscoTech Challenger and we’ll introduce you to Jo Tasker and Mat Colmer, two leading figures in built environment innovation, working with us to deliver this initiative.


  • We will arrange to meet with you to explore the nature of your challenge, so it can be clearly defined and the challenge set.

  • They will then take your challenge to their vast network of innovators and begin matching the challenge to potential solution providers.

  • Some pre-event exchange will take place to make sure all parties are comfortable with the challenge and the next steps in the process.

  • Over the course of the Revo 2017 event (20 and 21 Sept) we will deliver the DiscoTech initiative where challenge solutions will be actively developed in real time by our set of hand-picked innovators through a facilitated and open innovation process on the exhibition floor. 

  • On the last day of the show, and the end of the DiscoTech, the innovators will present their challenge solution to you the challenger and, if agreeable, to the wider event audience.


Making sure you get the most out of DiscoTech. What do we ask of you?

  • Your thumbs up to taking part – and as soon as possible. DiscoTech is a collaborative exercise, so we’ll embrace your engagement in advance of Revo 2017 in September. The more time we have, the more valuable we can make sure the DiscoTech exercise is for you.

  • Identify a genuine challenge that you are finding difficult to address and you believe could benefit from some “disruption”. This can be anything and the DiscoTech team will help you define the challenge to achieve the best result.

  • Your engagement throughout the process. For DiscoTech to have the greatest success and for you to maximise your participation and the results, we will need to call on your enthusiasm!The innovators will arm themselves with knowledge of your specific challenge context (e.g. existing processes, products and services).So, a small amount of pre-development time is required.


And in return…

  • We’ll actively promote and showcase your involvement through PR and other industry-wide promotions, presenting the commitment of your business to seeking innovative solutions and keeping pace in a continually evolving marketplace.

For further information and to book your Challenger place, contact erin@revocommunity.org or call +44 (0)20 7227 3459.


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