Revo City.


A physical representation of a future
interconnected community (c2030) enabled by technology.


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Revo City: Communities of the future.

This year we’re keeping up with the Jetsons…

Why? Because the landscape we work in has changed. Not a cyclical bubble but a structural earthquake.  

The retail property and placemaking industry is changing and innovating. The way people live, work and shop has changed – looking no longer just for goods but experience is king.  

As an industry we are re-purposing and transforming spaces and places to deliver formats and experiences that are relevant, vibrant and engaging to our customers, the citizens of the future and our wider communities. 

To understand what’s needed means engaging and integrating with other parts of the built environment sector and its digital transformation. Digital and physical infrastructure is critical as we move towards more dynamic, alternative and mixed-use formats and destinations. 



How? At Revo Manchester 2018, we’re evolving last year’s very successful DiscoTech activity, focusing more closely on ‘discovery’ elements and alignment with our overall conference theme of industry transformation, re-purposing and adaptation in retail, retail property and placemaking. 

This year, we’ll feature cutting-edge new technologies, bringing focus to businesses, including some of those outside our usual fraternity not necessarily recognised as being immediately retail related but which through their adaptability will shape and form parts of future communities and an ‘integrated marketplace’.

Our ‘challenge’ topics are being curated in advance and in conjunction with our digital sponsors to ensure focus across a range of increasingly important industry considerations. 

Our chosen topics aligned to wider conference programme discussion points are:

  • Silver shoppers v Gen Z – looking at how placemaking in retail can encourage more positive social experiences relevant to all age demographics.

  • What will the Jetsons do? – investigating interconnected communities of the future. How will we live, work and play?

  • Was Cedric Price wrong? – if technology is the answer, what was the question? Are we looking too hard at technology, when applications enabling social fabric is actually more important?


Underpinned by:

  • Internet of (shopping for) Things – how will homes, retail, work and asset management be supported through advanced and integrated sensor technologies? How will the use of data support communities of the future?



The DiscoTech topics to be showcased at Revo Manchester 2018 will have a unified approach, envisioning how things could be in 12 years’ time (c2030). Further details below:


Silver Shoppers v Gen Z.
Following recent news on the high street potentially alienating older, how can the retail experience be used to help the elderly, infirm or those suffering from dementia to be more active and get more personal quality contact? Placemaking in retail can encourage social experiences that are value add to the customer and ultimately the investor. How can retail activity better engage both ends of the spectrum from the Silver Shopper to Gen Z?

What would the Jetsons do?
Investigating how communities will potentially change in the future - the way they are planned, constructed and used. Will there be more integrated live, work, play environments? Will autonomous transport lead to a resurgence of out-of-town retailing? Can retail placemaking help people get to grips with their community, neighbourhood, city or region?

Was Cedric Price wrong?
Cedric Price (a famous architect) once said, "Technology is the answer, but what was the question?” This still rings true today, as there is an inference that technology can cure social and urban ills. However, as we are increasingly becoming a global community, does Price’s provocation that we should throw technology at problems fall short? Is there a more ‘personable’ approach? What can retail do to help people feel as though they are from somewhere and help ease our intertwined social and urban issues, such as homelessness?



Our approach.
We have carefully selected ‘Innovators’ from a variety of sectors to address our challenges, selected on the basis of:

  1. Applicability of their offering to urban placemaking. There must be illustratable use case, even if it is somewhat unusual when taken in the current context of retail
  2. Availability of their offering. This means that the offering must exist (i.e. not be fanciful), although may not currently be at the evolutionary stage where it can be used, but where rapid progress and advancements make previously inaccessible solutions more readily available and cost effective

Briefs have been shaped and set for the innovators against our suggested topics and innovators will aim to present solutions which sit across 6 main integrated marketplace themes – where interconnected services, amenities and facilities are the norm: 


Innovators are currently developing their concept solutions prior to the event and will demonstrate their adaptations as part of a Tech Showcase during the event, hosted on the main exhibition floor in our dedicated hub titled ‘Revo City: communities of the future’.

The complete showcase will represent a ‘future consumer’s’ journey through their community – offering an interactive snapshot of the end to end engagement of an ‘integrated marketplace’. Furthermore, out Innovators will be engaging with attendees to harvest potential use-cases.


To find out more, contact or on +44 (0)207 227  3459