Revo Liverpool 2019
Reaching out beyond retail.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Revo Liverpool 2019! If you missed anything from conference, check out our resources below.

Revo Liverpool 2019 was a blast…

  • The stands were busier than ever
  • The panel debates and insight sessions were better attended
  • We had the greatest variety of attendees we’ve ever had;including residential developers, student accommodation specialists, logistics companies, technology companies, organisation reaching out from the offices sectors and more local authority delegates than ever before.

The key theme for 2019 was reaching out beyond retail demonstrating the importance of mixed use, repurposing and local authority investment in future proofing towns and cities.

But Conference and Exhibition can be a bit of a marathon with people to meet, seminars to attend, stands to visit and manage….. so we’ve put together all the best bits, highlights, snippets, reports and we even have links to our entire insights programme. That’s 9 hours of industry leading debate, learnings and keynotes. And it’s all FREE!

Key takeaways.

Here is what we learnt: big thinking, new ideas and key learnings.

The Growing role of Local Authorities in retail: Local authorities are investing in and delivering community centric placemaking. New Revo and LSH research launched at conference reveals that council investment in shopping centres would reach £1bn by 2020. The public sector are reaching out for public/private sector partnerships. Find out more Download the full report here: Investing in the Future: Can we fix our “broken” town centres? Find out more about the work we are doing with Local Authorities here. Check out our MATCH initiative - call us the eharmony of the retail property and placemaking community.

The impact of the internet: Online spend is not killing the store, the store is driving online spend. Hear from Alex McCulloch as he launches new CACI research at Revo Liverpool Session 2: Do physical stores drive online sales? CACI discuss 2019 research.

True value of retail property: Consumer confidence is low, the way we consume products has irreparably changed and we are in a state of impermanence where Gen Z and Millennials rent houses, cars and even music. Experience and leisure activities are king. Hear more from Maureen Hinton, Global Data Session 1: Economic and political impact of retail property in the UK.

Prioritising experience and understanding consumer behaviour will drive successful placemaking in the future. Ground floor activation is about more than just putting retailers in the bottom of resi schemes. Successful placemaking will be about flexible space that supports a local community. Spaces need to be more multi-functional and people focused. Watch Session 3: CallisonRTKL discuss what future consumers will want from place?

Our handy list of resources below:

Session recordings from day 1 and day 2

Industry Leading Reports:

Live from Liverpool – check out our two Revo On Air podcast episodes recorded live at conference:



The programme. Get stuck into the sessions you’ve missed! 

We’ve recorded all our brilliant sessions, so you don’t have to miss a thing. You can stream all the sessions completely FREE!

Day 1
Session 1: Economic and political impact of retail property in the UK
Conference facilitator and Author Miya Knights seeks to get under the skin of the big economic, political and social issues facing the retail property sector.

Session 2: Exploring the value of social value in retail property
Hear how the Timpson Foundation has changed lives and join Ed Dean as he leads the debate on why Landsec are leading this area, rethinking and engaging at a new level to create thriving communities.

Session 3: CallisonRTKL discuss what future consumers will want from place?
How is the retail community reinventing itself in a period of exponential change? Which is undeniably being driven by the third revolution – technology and the new, immersive consumer relationship with it.

Session 4: Last mile delivery and sustainable vehicles
DPD share their strategy on micro distribution, property EV infrastructure and why retail property has a singular role to play.

Session 5: Homes England keynote on reimagining property. Is resi the answer?
Homes England provides a perspective on the large scale social pressures for housing in the UK and what that means for the future viability of our towns, cities and urban environment.

Session 6: Can technology enrich retail & customer experience? Sponsored by Shared Access
Technology that enables human connection now appears to be driving the revolution so what does that mean for retail and retail property?

Day 2

Session 1: What can retail stores learn from Amazon?
Amazon Go, Frictionless Payment and Just Walk Out…. Amazon is investing in physical stores. Find out why and the value of mobile tech in the online-to-offline move. Retailers need to sit up and take notice of Amazon’s pioneering efforts.

Session 2: Do physical stores drive online sales? CACI discuss 2019 research
As customers change how they engage with brands CACI reveal findings on the halo impact stores have on online sales, showing how stores actually help grow revenue.

Session 3: As department stores close what will be the new anchor

As traditional anchor tenants and anchor led formats evolve, how is our industry responding to the pressures and opportunities? Debate on repurposing, over-supply of department store stock and growth in demand for homes, community based assets and leisure.

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