We are the definitive go-to hub for the retail property and placemaking community.
We represent and advance our members’ interests, set standards and bring
people together to collaborate and create tangible changes in our market.

Benefits of being part of our community.

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Enhance your national and international networks.

Connect with peers and decision makers at every level of our community. Representative of the entire retail and retail property industry, you will receive access to each and every member – allowing you and your business access to international networks and intelligence.

Access to cutting-edge research and education.

Revo continues to develop a research and education programme that strongly reflects industry knowledge requirements. We continue to undertake challenging projects and seek to find a balance between in depth research and other shorter forms of guidance.

Professional recognition through promotion of best practice.

Revo members are eligible to participate in events and awards at reduced entry rates and benefit from the host of publicity aligned to coverage via email and social media campaigns, industry publications, advertorials and press releases.

Enhance your personal and professional development.

Revo membership gives you numerous opportunities to do both. If you're looking to truly leverage your membership, you'll have the opportunity to serve on a Revo committee or one of our working groups.

Be in the know with access to practical expert insight.

All Revo members receive updates and invitations to some of the industry’s most influential, respected and topical events as well as relevant policy and research updates on a regular basis - to help you keep up to date with what matters in our community.

Your voice heard and one to one support.

As a Revo member your interests will be represented via Revo’s communication channels with local and national Government to ensure that the issues concerning our industry remain high on the public agenda.

Revo Family




















Our Revo Hub programme supports and mentors young professionals who are under 30 in our community. Providing networking socials and opportunities to learn and debate delivers a pivotal platform to help shape the future of retail property and placemaking.



Our Committees

Revo committees represent the views of our community and influence decision making - undertaking research projects, running events and offering a varied spectrum of support services to address pivotal issses in our sector.

More information will be available shortly.


Categories & Rates

Annual Fee

Fee (+VAT)
  if joining between
  May - Sept **
Fee (+VAT)
  if joining between
  Oct - Dec ***
  Corporate Nominated UK   £985.00   £1477.50   £1231.25
  Small Business Corporate Members 
  (less than 10 employees)
  £495.00   £742.50   £618.75
  Affiliate Members UK   £192.00   £288.00   £240.00
  Revo Hub (Under 30)  FREE FREE  FREE
  Corporate Members outside the UK   £345.00   £517.50   £431.25
  Affiliate Members outside the UK   £192.00   £288.00   £240.00
  Retailers   £192.00   £288.00   £240.00
  Public Sector Employees   £192.00   £288.00   £240.00
  Shopping Place Personnel   £192.00   £288.00   £240.00
  University / College Membership   £192.00   £288.00   £240.00
  Individual Student Membership FREE  FREE  FREE

*Members from outside the UK are exempt from paying VAT


Membership Structure

Corporate Nominated Membership: 
Membership is at a corporate organisational level. Included within this package is one ‘nominated’ member under whose name the corporate membership is held. 

Affiliate Membership:
On activation of corporate membership status, affiliate members may then be added. These must be employees of the corporate organisation. 

Revo Hub (Under 30s): 
Anyone under 30 can become a Revo Hub member for free upon activation of corporate membership status. You must be an employee of the corporate organisation.

Individual Student Membership:
Membership only applies to full time students. Proof will be requested.


Subscription Terms & Conditions

 Membership charges run from January – December.
 Membership is on an annual recurring basis. Invoices will be issued for payment in January unless we are notified in writing to of intent to cancel.
 All Annual fees are 100% payable unless we are notified of a request to cancel within 30 days of the renewal invoice.


Annual Admissions

For those admitted to membership after 1 January, the following fee proportion is payable:

* 1 January – 30 April: Full Fee.
** 1 May – 30 September: 150% of the annual subscription, providing membership through to the end of the following membership year.
*** 1 October - 31 December: 125% of the annual subscription, providing membership through to the end of the following membership year.