Surplus retail space can support new housing plan

Surplus retail space can support new housing plan

07 February 2017

The Government has today published a white paper, setting out plans ‘to fix the broken housing market and build more homes across England’. 

Edward Cooke, Chief Executive said: 

“As the lead organisation on the Government’s High Streets Restructuring Working Group we’re actively promoting, on behalf of our diverse community, housing as one of the ways to support the repositioning of our towns, cities and urban areas.

“We believe in many locations surplus retail space can and should be converted into useful housing wherever feasible – across all tenure types and including build to sell, to rent, student accommodation or homes for the older generation.

“This will support the creation of vibrant, mixed-use urban spaces and sustainable communities – which will benefit from existing transport connections and infrastructure and boost the night-time economy. 

“Accordingly, we welcome the Government’s ambition to reuse as much brownfield land for homes as possible – to put unused assets to productive use, to support the regeneration of our cities, towns and villages and to support economic growth, while limiting the pressure on the green belt.”