Invoking Article 50 - our response

Invoking Article 50 - our response

29 March 2017

On the Prime Minister’s letter invoking Article 50 – notifying Brussels of the UK’s intention to withdraw from the European Union – Edward Cooke, Chief Executive said:

The Prime Minister has now set our path out of the European Union in motion. Retail is a Great British success story, a hugely significant generator of jobs, tax and investment, and admired around the world for its creativity and innovation. It is supported by a dynamic retail property and placemaking industry that is striving to adapt to new ways of doing business, creating value for communities and investors. 

Working with the Property Industry Alliance, we have identified five priority areas that must be addressed to make a success of Brexit: ensuring the free flow of capital; protecting the mobility of skills and labour; a simplified and fairer property tax system; streamlining public procurement; and revamping complex sustainability regulations.

At this time of great political and economic uncertainty, it is imperative that the retail property and placemaking sector works with government to ensure the best possible outcome for the UK, and continues to promote one of its greatest assets to international retailers and investors.