Revo's submission to the government's Building our Industrial Strategy Green Paper

Revo's submission to the government's Building our Industrial Strategy Green Paper

19 April 2017

Revo this week delivered a submission to the government’s Building our Industrial Strategy Green Paper.

The ten pillars offer a foundation around which to build a modern industrial strategy but the importance of place and placemaking in this debate must not be eschewed. Without physical real estate – both an industry of itself and an enabler of other industries – and supporting infrastructure, a modern industrial strategy cannot be realised.

Key pillars that must be addressed include:

  • Developing Skills – we would welcome the opportunity to work with government and other partners to promote the diverse opportunities – including apprenticeships – which retail and real estate offer as a career
  • Upgrading Infrastructure – we have long championed the need to maintain and upgrade infrastructure at the national and local level, and believe this has a critical role in the creation and development of place
  • Supporting businesses to start and grow – government must do more to support our industry as one of the largest employers in the private sector and catalyst for the drivers of economy, and support industry initiatives to incubate new business
  • Improving procurement – government must support local authorities to have the confidence and skills to improve procurement and work in partnership with the private sector, withdrawal from the EU presents an opportunity to revisit the complex OJEU process

We would also be supportive of a Place-Based Sector Deal working with other trade and business groups that recognises the role retail and wider commercial property play as a driver of construction, and creator and custodian of communities. 

Following the announcement today of a general election, Revo will continue to champion the interests of the retail property and placemaking sector throughout the election campaign and with the new government, irrespective of who takes office on 8th June.


Commenting on the industrial strategy and general election announcement, chief executive Ed Cooke, said:

"The retail and property markets have been clearly impacted by political and economic uncertainty since last June, and generally speaking stable political systems benefit long term business decisions. 

"The focus, rightly, will be on how a General Election impacts the UK's negotiations to leave the EU - but it should not be overlooked that already in 2017 we have seen the Government outline flagship policies to repair the UK's housing market and stimulate growth through its industrial strategy.

Irrespective of the General Election result we hope the momentum to implement these policies, which have place-making and community investment at their heart, continues apace after June."


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