Revo responds to May’s Keynote at Conservative Party Conference 2017.

Revo responds to May’s Keynote at Conservative Party Conference 2017.

04 October 2017

Matthew Ogg, Revo Policy Advisor, said:

While the Prime Minister rightly began to address the housing crisis facing the UK, the Conservative Party have once again failed to address the wider built environment in any meaningful way.

This Government has a real opportunity to breathe new life into our towns and cities creating new jobs and opportunities, fostering community through good development and placemaking.

Investing in retail-led placemaking must be higher on the Government’s agenda. We will continue to press the case for our members through unprecedented economic and political challenges.

On housing:

While we welcome further attention given to housing investment, there is still a systemic issue on supply. Good housing is a critical element in any town or city, and must go hand in hand with good commercial development and regeneration to build vibrant, economically sustainable centres fit for the future where people want to work, live and play.

Policies to mend the housing market must be considered as part of strategic approach to wider placemaking, for example, effectively accommodating competing needs from other uses of land and buildings in our town centres and urban areas; flexibility and adaptability in the planning regime will be key along with material support for local authorities to deliver the promises of devolution.

On the review of the Mental Health Act:

The retail property sector is already taking positive steps towards accessibility and inclusivity for those with mental health conditions and other hidden disabilities, as well as physical impairments, and we look forward to launching our Accessible Places campaign in November.

As a sector we can have a fundamental impact on people’s lives, as both customers and employers, and we take this responsibility seriously. We fully support efforts to review mental health legislation and will continue to play our part in creating a fair and inclusive society for everyone.