Updates from our Ministerial Roundtable.

Updates from our Ministerial Roundtable.

04 April 2018

We've held a Ministerial Roundtable to spark action in ensuring that retail property and placemaking is accessible to all, with the Minister of State for Disabled People, Health and Work, Sarah Newton MP, in attendance, amongst other industry players.

Our 2017-18 Past President, Giulia Bunting, Planning Director at GL Hearn, spoke of the importance of our Accessible Places toolkit and provided an update on its usage - landlords and retail places are now reviewing and implementing changes across their portfolios to ensure all customers will feel welcome and are catered for.

Mike Adams OBE, CEO of Purple, gave a great presentation on the proposal for a 'Purple Day', which would be a day when retailers and retail places spotlight their services for and welcome disabled customers. Discussions surrounding this day are now taking place.

Hector Minto, Senior Technology Evangelist (Accessibility), Microsoft, gave an incredible presention on accessible technology and the approach Microsoft take when managing staff who experience a disability. Hector suggested that a good addition to the Accessible Places toolkit is help and advice on digital and online inclusion. The internal group is already considering this for the next piece. 

Trudie Mills, Disability Manager, Lloyds Bank, the disability champion for the banking sector, is now reviewing the Accessible Places toolkit and adapting it for the world of banking.


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