Say hello to our new member Elisicia Moore, miracle maker and proud owner of Petit Miracle.

Say hello to our new member Elisicia Moore, miracle maker and proud owner of Petit Miracle.

03 April 2018

Petit Miracle founder Elisicia Moore grew up in a feast or famine environment as her entrepreneurial father struggled to create a successful business at the start of his career.

Following her own struggles setting up a social enterprise, Elisicia swore that she wouldn’t allow others to suffer the same fate and now helps local entrepreneurs, mainly from disadvantaged backgrounds, to get started.

Elisicia and her team started out in the West 12 Centre (Shepherd’s Bush) where they still host local businesses in their Petit Miracle creative retail space.

As a result of funding from H&F Council, Hammersmith United Charities and the Big Local, she has been able to expand her team.

Vicky Major is the new Community Enterprise Manager who assists entrepreneurs in the retail space where they have their own space to sell their products.


“We want to help people who would never have the chance to have their own shop with a space to showcase their business and products,” said Petit Miracles founder Elisicia.

The Petit Miracles Hub has played a vital role supporting local entrepreneurs and small businesses while also providing work and learning opportunities for more than 200 people. 


Petit Miracle has:

  • Helped 40 local businesses with their Start Your Own Enterprise course
  • Assisted 37 local people on their monthly workshops
  • Given 103 hours of one-to-one business support to residents.


White City resident and entrepreneur Prudence Maseko was one of the business graduates to benefit from the Start Your Own Enterprise course and went on to launch her popular Wa’Doo clothing line, which is a fusion of her Nigerian origins with Western fashion.

“Petit Miracles Hub is great,” said Prudence. “It’s a fantastic platform to showcase your work to the public, especially in the initial stages of your business. Working with Elisicia and her team is really amazing. They encourage you and keep you motivated.” 

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