Health and Wellbeing with Mark Rycraft at Middleton Grange.

Health and Wellbeing with Mark Rycraft at Middleton Grange.

17 May 2018

At Middleton Grange shopping centre we have introduced a health and well-being programme which raises health awareness by providing information and access to services to the centre team, customers and retailers.

The initiative is delivered in a number of ways including the provision of information by way of posters, leaflets and a newsletter with direct access to local services. We provide free space within the shopping centre to the Local Authority, National Health Service and other information providers looking to access the local community who are looking to improve health and well-being across the town!


Also, as the governor of a local primary school I have attended briefings which helps the school implement health and well-being programmes for teachers and pupils.

The program primarily covers the mental health of children by implementing initiatives which engage with everyone within the school. Specific engagement programmes are provided for emotionally vulnerable pupils and have proven to be successful in improving their mental health and well-being.

The programmes include the Local Authority's recruitment of three Assistant Psychologists who deliver a suite of programs across the Borough. From the recent engagement program over 74% of children reported an improvement in their own emotional well-being, 77% of parents reported their child's well-being had improved, 67% of teachers reported an improvement in children's well-being and a majority of staff reported an increase in confidence of supporting well-being and delivering interventions.

(Statistics from Hartlepool Borough Council’s future in mind transformation plan presentation 2018)

Mark Rycraft
Centre Manager
Middleton Grange