Treating customers with respect and fairness - HX Car Park Management.

Treating customers with respect and fairness - HX Car Park Management.

24 September 2018

We’re delighted to have HX Car Park Management as the main sponsor of the ACE Awards 2019. Take a look at their unique approach to car park management.

At HX Car Park Management, we pride ourselves on our fresh and modern approach to customer service and the everyday running of our nation’s car parks. Our key value is transparency and we strive to build trust with the British public by always treating our customers with fairness and respect. We achieve this through our fair and rational approach to enforcement, always making the issuing of a ticket our last resort. 

Car park management firms can often face negative stereotypes in the public eye; we are seen as greedy, uncompromising and all too eager to issue a parking charge notice (PCN) in the interest of turning a quick profit. At HX Car Park Management, we believe in doing things differently, keeping customer service at the very core of our company values. We are accredited by the International Parking Community and a member of the British Parking Association, meaning we work to a code of conduct that is both strict and fair. However, there are many ways in which HX goes above and beyond any enforced code of conduct when it comes to ensuring that we treat our customers in a way that is both respectful and fair.


Always giving the benefit of the doubt.

We will always give a case ample consideration before issuing a ticket, with every case being cross-referenced by trained individuals within our office. This reinforces our utmost commitment to customer services and allows us to ensure that every PCN we process has been issued fairly and correctly. 

In the instance of car parks that require the customer to remember their number plate and subsequently enter it into a machine when paying for their parking, we will always make allowances for human error. For example, if one of our automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras detects that one vehicle in the car park has not paid for its parking, we will look at the parking tickets purchased within the correct time period for that day for any similar number plates. If we find a ticket purchased with up to two digits’ difference from the number plate in question, we will give the vehicle owner the benefit of the doubt and dismiss the case as human error. We don’t just consider the vehicle parked on a piece of land, but the person in it, too.

In accordance with this policy, HX Car Park Management has voided over 35,000 PCNs nationwide since the start of 2017, amounting to just under £2.4m.


Avoiding confrontation with ANPR systems.

ANPR systems have represented one of the biggest changes to the car park management industry in recent years. ANPR systems operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and negate the need for a traffic warden’s supervision. At HX Car Park Management, we enjoy the non-confrontational approach that these systems can offer and feel that this complements our transparent and trustworthy approach to car park management and customer service, whilst also ensuring total fairness. This respectful and non-confrontational approach is best demonstrated by the way that, thanks to ANPR, we will never issue a PCN to a vehicle’s windscreen. The introduction of ANPR systems has added a new level of fairness to the car park management industry which we look forward to seeing more of in the future.


Respecting your privacy.

We respect all the personal data we obtain and, to that end, we recently underwent a complete overhaul of our data systems. We now exercise extensive compartmentalisation of the data that we collect and, once this data has served its purpose, we have a system in place that will purge this data after 30 days. This sensitive handling of data is yet another way in which we ensure that our customer service shows you the respect that you deserve, whilst building a heightened level of trust with the British public.


HX Car Park Management – A fresh and modern approach to customer service.

Our vision is to lead the car park management industry in a more ethical direction. We hold onto the hope that the industry will soon be seen in a far more positive light by the general public and that the stereotypes of old, depicting traffic wardens and car park management companies as the common enemy, will be forgotten and will make way for a new era of ethical car park management.


If you would like to find out how your land could be managed in a manner that is ethical, respectful and fair, please do not hesitate to contact HX Car Park Management on 03330 066316, or you can visit our website at