Small Talk Saves Lives

Small Talk Saves Lives

14 May 2019

For every life lost on the railways, six are saved by the people around them.

You might not realise it, but you already have the experience you need to help save a life on a train platform.

If you see someone on a platform who you think might need help, trust your instincts and start a conversation.

You could help save a life.

Why we're doing this
Research carried out for Samaritans by the Universities of Middlesex and Westminster shows that the people standing nearby – or 'bystanders – can help prevent suicide on the railways.

Samaritans already train thousands of rail staff a year in suicide prevention. They encourage them to look out for anyone who may be at risk and then start a conversation.

Now, together with Network Rail, British Transport Police and the wider rail industry, they're working to empower the public to use small talk to save lives too.

Your 'what if..?' questions answered about starting a conversation.

"I asked her name and where she lived, and I asked if she had any family. She said she had a little boy, and to keep the conversation going we chatted more about her son."
Gerry Mann, rail worker, noticed a woman who looked upset during a routine check at a station

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