Premier Park - Parking that works for you

Premier Park - Parking that works for you

30 May 2019

Premier Park, one of our fantastic members, are making a huge impact in the world of retail property and placemaking, successfully managing parking within our community. So we set out to learn more about the team, what drives their passion and their rapid growth in the retail environment. As a fast-growing business, the range of parking services offered and their passion to understand client needs is integral to the Premier Park offer.

Here’s what the team had to say:

Currently we manage in excess of 1,000 parking areas and we’ve used that experience to understand the requirements of the retail environment whether a shopping centre, retail park or a high street setting.

Innovation is integral to our parking solutions. Where we believe we differ as we place just as much importance on the ongoing internal reviews of current parking systems in place, whether installed by us or our peers. The retail world our clients operate in is fast paced, competitive and changes daily; we are ready for these changes engaging with landlords/surveyors constantly on differing parking options. This blend of forward planning from our innovative parking menu, whilst evaluating current car park system, means we are primed to implement changes and improvements to the car park. The Premier Park team is resourced to make these changes fast and we do, it means the parking system provides a competitive edge over rival retail destinations.

Adding value to the client’s asset is also another driver that works. Car park rents/income can often match retail rents, increasing any potential yield for the landlord. However, for this to be effective the car park has to have the right solution that not only matches the needs of differing retailers but has to be fair and sensible for drivers. Pushing Parking Charge Notices (PCNs) can often be the focus within the parking industry. We seek to change that by placing the customer at the heart of the parking process whilst maintaining income streams. This works to address the landlord and customer aspects of the parking picture.

We are still in an era of uncertainty about the changes in the retail world, be that the changes to high street habits or the difficulties retail landlords face. We understand this and work with clients to ensure our parking systems are simple to use and provide an array of additional benefits such as pre-booking, discounted or free parking whilst protecting the landlord’s car park form unauthorised use. This sounds straight forward and we also know we are not the only parking operator saying this, but we do know this only works if the parking priorities are balanced. These are challenging times in retail, but that’s what we invest in - time to understand those parking priorities. We don’t have a ‘blanket’ approach and many of the sites we are tasked with evaluating are recommendations from existing managing agents or surveyors. An example being cashless parking or validation, which is great as it has much wider benefits, but if it’s a component of the wrong parking solution, then the advantages to the landlord and customer are diluted and the retail offer is sadly weakened.

When the Premier Park team set out to propose improvements to car parks, our experience shows agents/landlords want ticks in certain boxes and that’s our check sheet. These include proposing a financially viable solution both in terms of investment/income, whilst recommending a simple to use
customer centric parking system. This is not uncommon and probably a check sheet for many landlords or managing agents. However, what has certainly been a factor in our growth in the retail sector and critical to our success is that we are easy to work alongside. That’s not a ground breaking revelation, but from the outset our intention is to demystify and simplify the parking technology we install. We receive constant positive feedback from management teams that this has been important in making their final decision. Our approach doesn’t affect the parking system but it means landlords and managing agents receive the right parking system.

The parking environment is changing and when we review the Revo Content Hub, it’s fascinating to see how the retail world changes too. Our approach is underlined by the knowledge we have to evolve our parking offer constantly and if this means we have to change a parking system or a maximum stay time – then it’s not a case of we can, we like to think ‘we must.’

If you are a surveyor, managing agent or landlord considering parking options on your portfolio, speak to Andy for an evaluation of how Premier Park can improve your parking operation: 
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