The Stranger on the Bridge and The Bridge Pilot.

The Stranger on the Bridge and The Bridge Pilot.

15 May 2019

On a cold January morning in 2008, 21 year old Jonny Benjamin went to Waterloo Bridge to take his life. Balanced on the edge of the railings, a stranger stopped and talked him out of jumping in an act of kindness that was to change both their lives forever.


The Stranger on the Bridge is a poignant account of what led Jonny to the bridge that day and the astonishing events six years later when he decided to track down the Good Samaritan to say thanks. 


The City of London Corporation undertook a project to place Samaritan signage on the London bridges to try and prevent and reduce suicide attempts of this nature. 
The Bridge Pilot: City of London Corporation


We have complied a list of resources to help support our members in raising awareness of, and preventing, suicides. Suicide Awareness and Prevention Resources