Let’s talk EVs

Let’s talk EVs

27 June 2019

The environmental pressure to change the way we travel has been the key driver in the rise of electrical vehicles, as ICE vehicles are a huge contributor to the air pollution crisis that we see in almost all major UK cities. Further to this, there is also pressure for the government to reduce the carbon emissions coming from the transport sector to meet its carbon budgets, which has also driven the policy shifts on electric vehicles.


On top of that, we also see a change in people’s behaviour (in particular younger generation) towards transport - the nature of car ownership as people opt for alternatives, such as car sharing, cycling and public transport. It’s autonomous vehicles too. In a bid to make travel, particularly urban, more efficient, autonomous vehicle technology is being very quickly developed.


It is still difficult to predict what impact exactly these new technologies and changing behaviours will have on our retail places and town centres.


We have been working with our members to understand the implications and how these places need to prepare for such a shift. How does the current EV market in the UK looks like? What type of chargers are and should be available at retail places? Does provision of free EV charging attract customers? What should be the owners’ future-proof strategy on EVs?


On 10 July, we are meeting with our members and external specialists to try to find answers to these questions and discuss results of research carried out by Syzygy, the impact of EV technology and changing behaviour towards transport on the retail property and urban environment.


We would like to thank Syzygy for carrying out research on the EV charging and to Ian Standring, WSP for providing a broad insight into the electrical vehicles market in the UK.


Stay tuned for our report available to Revo members on July 11.