Let's talk EVs

Let's talk EVs

11 July 2019

As electrical vehicles are gradually filling up our streets, we are looking to understand the implications of this evolution of transport on retail placemaking and property.


Revo members can read the comprehensive insight and see the research results on EV charging highlighting some key behaviours in usage across the portfolios of six major owners from our community.


Yesterday, we held a roundtable with our senior members, behavioural and climate change specialists to discuss this transport revolution. Here are some key takeaways from this conversation:


  • The EV market is a fast-changing area that all retail and placemaking stakeholders need to monitor closely
  • With so many unknowns, investors should act cautiously regarding rolling out charging infrastructure
  • Range anxiety (real or imaginary?) is one of key reasons why people are sceptical about EVs and why customers unnecessarily charge almost full batteries
  • The investment in EV charging infrastructure is needed in rural areas
  • A generational shift is expected in how vehicles are used and trends are showing a wider evolution in how people want to travel
  • Network capacity is a key!


Watch this space, and we will keep you posted on our further work on this rapidly changing area and its impact on retail places and town centres.


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