Introducing Revo On Air, the new voice of the Revo Community

Introducing Revo On Air, the new voice of the Revo Community

07 August 2019

Revo’s Podcast Season One builds on the success of our thought leadership work, which places us at the heart of the placemaking debate during this dynamic period of change.


In this series, Revo delves into the challenges and opportunities facing UK’s towns, cities and urban areas as the retail property industry changes.


Revo’s hosts chat to inspiring thought leaders and experts on topics that span: over supply of retail property, repurposing retail space, retail tech, the Amazon effect, sustainability and issues faced by local authorities and our high streets and much more.  


Revo On Air will give voice to new ideas, inspiration and debate helping the placemaking industry thrive and prosper. United as one.


The first two episodes are live and can be found on iTunes and Spotify. Host Ed Cooke speaks to Julian Burnett of IBM and Miya Knights Co-Author of Amazon: How the world’s most relentless retailer will continue to revolutionise commerce. 


In Julian’s interview with Ed, they discuss frankly and openly the fears around retail technology and the interplay between tech and people.


‘We quite often talk about technology in the sense of the customer facing side of it. But actually the real power is how you can create efficiencies down the supply chain’ (Ed Cooke)


‘Those human moments in retail are the things that infuse the relationships of the people involved and generate a sense of interest and ultimately create the loyalty that retailers are so desperately seeking’ (Julian Cooke)


In Miya’s interview they discuss the impact Amazon has had on customer expectations, how Amazon have set new standards in ecommerce that have become the norm and how they are now looking to move into physical stores and healthcare.


‘Amazon building out and buying bricks and mortar stores will face exactly the same issues that other retailers, traditional retailers who started on the high street face and at the same time there is no guarantee that Amazon can crack that’ (Miya Knights)


‘We quote in our book Jeff Bezos saying he hopes one day to make it irresponsible for someone to choose not to be a Prime Subscriber’ (Miya Knights)


Plug in, download and listen to both podcasts HERE.