Amazon - The Retail Disruptor That's Here to Stay

Amazon - The Retail Disruptor That's Here to Stay

23 August 2019

Amazon has revolutionised retail, and it shows no signs of stopping. When Amazon say they put customer experience first they mean it. They consistently raised the bar for retail online setting new standards and disrupting almost all product categories. And its growth shows no signs of stopping having recently opened its largest campus in the world in India, which boasts a helipad and enough space for 15,000 workers. But that's not to say everything is going smoothly for the tech giant. Canadian ecommerce company, Shopify, is planning to take on Amazon by launching its own fulfilment network making the shift from purely digital to the real world. However, Shopify, who has seen their shares grow 150 per cent since the start of 2019, has arguably set itself on a collision course with Amazon - a fight few ecommerce companies have won.


Amazon has also come under fire recently for its increased use of plastic packaging following its introduction of a new range of padded plastic envelope for deliveries. Whilst an Amazon spokesperson says that the packaking is recyclable, Amazon is placing the onus on the customer to recycle. This may prove problematic in areas that are not fully equipped to recycle certain types of plastic.


Nevertheless, Amazon continues to expand its reach securing a London retail place for its cashierless grocery store concept, Amazon Go. As Amazon prepare to open their first London physical stores, Ed Cooke talks to Miya Knights about ‘the Amazon effect’ and what we might see from them next.


Miya Knights has nearly 20 years' experience as a journalist, editor and research director, she regularly appears on BBC, ITB and Sky News commenting on technology use in retail. Miya is co-author of two books:

- Amazon, how the world most relentless retailer will continue to revolutionise commerce


- Omnichannel Retail, how to build winning stores in a digital world


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