Next phase of Revo’s evolution

Next phase of Revo’s evolution

10 September 2019

I wanted to write to you following Monday's announcement about Ed moving on from Revo, and importantly about our plans for his succession.


Ed joined the organisation, then BCSC, back in 2009 as Executive Director responsible for Policy and Public Affairs, having been a lobbyist at the BRC and prior to that having worked in various government departments. His aim was to elevate the reputation of the organisation within government, our profile through media and other communications channels and develop quality partnerships with other associations, which he achieved to great effect.


As you are no doubt aware, he has latterly been CEO, appointed in the spring of 2016, and responsible for the development and delivery of our current Strategic Plan 2020. Under his leadership, and supported by an excellent executive team and invaluable support from our many volunteer members, the organisation has gone from strength to strength on a number of levels; specifically revenue, customer service, national and trade media coverage and, I believe, our reputation within our industry as well as local and central government circles.


He also led the exercise to repurpose our organisation, to reflect a desire to create a more dynamic, inclusive and authoritative organisation that exists to support the entire retail property and placemaking sector. This was a bold move at the time, one that I personally took some convincing of, but one that, on reflection, was absolutely the right thing to do and has established Revo as not only prominent campaigners, but thought leaders, in this time of extraordinary change.


However, he notified the Board of his intention to stand down earlier this year and we have since been working on a succession plan to ensure an orderly handover to his replacement. Ed will work with me and the Board over the next 6 months or so to recruit and on board a new CEO, who will be in post for sufficient time to develop an understanding of the business before working with you and other stakeholders to produce a new strategy for the next phase of Revo’s evolution.


I’d like to thank Ed for all his support over the last decade and a bit; no doubt there will an opportunity in the future for a proper sending off!


In the meantime, if you would like to get in touch with any thoughts you have on how Revo is doing, what it does well, and where we could improve as we start to develop our strategic thinking then please email


Or of course grab me, Ed, any of the Board or executive team in Liverpool next week. Look forward to seeing many of you there!


Many thanks,


Mark Robinson