Together we can end homelessness

Together we can end homelessness

20 November 2019

Did you know that there is a record number of people who are homeless in the UK? Homeless charity Shelter reports that in 2018, 320,000 people were homeless. Living without a home is dangerous, can cause health problems and affects people’s wellbeing. To find out more please see our infographic here.


Revo is looking to support the industry in a number of ways. We have released two case studies. This highlights the work of two businesses including the Social Bite, a Scottish social business that has a number of programmes, and the Pret Foundation, which focuses on upskilling and housing homeless people, as well as encouraging them through work.


Over the next couple of months, we will be releasing further case studies and big ideas from both retail and other industries on how they are trying to address homelessness. We will also be releasing toolkits on recognising vulnerability to homelessness and the impact of in-work poverty, and encouraging compassionate ways to manage rough sleeping in your area.


We will be signposting to volunteering opportunities from now and over the Christmas period to help those without proper shelter as we work to eradicate rough sleeping once and for all.


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