Revo reacts to General Election result

Revo reacts to General Election result

16 December 2019

The Conservative Party has won a landslide victory in the General Election, and Jeremy Corbyn has signalled he will stand down as Labour leader.


Ed Cooke, Revo's Chief Executive, reacts to the General Election result:


“The future of our high streets, town centres and retail places is at a critical moment and the new government has the opportunity to set a positive agenda for growth, reform and investment.

“Fundamental to this is an extensive review of the business rates system as part of a wider reassessment of how we tax business and property. Retailers paid almost £8bn in business rates in the past year and this 50% tax, has been the root cause of a number of business failures and places three million UK jobs in jeopardy.


“Government also has a unique opportunity to invest directly in town centres and high streets, and there should be renewed focus on local infrastructure including small scale transport improvements and public realm. With the Town Centre Fund and Future High Street Fund established the mechanisms are already in place to make positive interventions, in the places most in need, urgently.”


Read the full article in Estates Gazette here.

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