Coronavirus: Updated Recommendations - 18th March 2020

Coronavirus: Updated Recommendations - 18th March 2020

18 March 2020

This post was originally published on the 5th March. This post will be regularly updated to reflect the latest guidance and information available.


We are responding to the COVID 19 outbreak by signposting members to PHE advice and guidance.


PHE Guidance and Campaign Resource Centre (18/03/2020):

Please note that PHE have lifted the access restrictions on their Campaign Resource Centre so now anyone can download and use the materials. Click here to be redirected to available PHE resources for download.

The are two main sets of materials, one on hand-washing and one on self-isolation.


Revo Members Conference Call Invitation (17/03/2020):

As the situation with COVID-19 continues, we are continuing to look for ways to best support Revo members.

In a follow up to the conference call held on 5 March, we plan to hold a conference call on Thursday 19 March from 13:30-14:30 for members to attend to use as a forum to share current challenges and solutions, both from national and international perspective.

We will also have a Police representative on the call to talk through the additional power Police have been given, and Retail Trust will be on the call to give advice on how to support vulnerable staff during the situation.

The call will follow an informal format. If you have any area or particular issue you would like covered then please send your suggestions over ASAP so that we can arrange for these to be covered. We have direct contact with PHE so if you have a medical based question then we can forward this on the PHE to be answered.

We realise that time is a valuable commodity that you won’t have much of this week but if you are able to join the call then please email:


Updated Recommendations: Coronavirus FAQ (16/03/2020):

Please click here to download the latest FAQ on Coronavirus (COVID-19). This FAQ covers measures pertinent to our sector with an overview of what COVID-19 is, and advice for Property Management and Service Providers/ Contractors.

N.B. The FAQ on Coronavirus was last updated on 18 March 2020.


Please click here to read the latest guidance from the Department for Work and Pensions for further information about coronavirus and support for employers, beneNfits claimants and businesses.


Latest recommendations (10/03/2020):

  • Review Business Continuity Plans - check your plans and see if they work in real time by exercising teams through table top exercises or immersive exercise.
  • Test resources and capabilities - check if your centre management teams can work remotely and carry out effective decision-making.


Please see click here to download a list of useful resources on Covid-19 from Public Health England.

Click here to read the UK Government's recently published Coronavirus Action Plan.


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