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BCSC announces 'Regen Platform' for Conference

Date: 16/08/2016

‘The Regeneration Platform’, a major new initiative to promote local authority regeneration projects and public - private partnerships in the UK, is set to be launched at BCSC 2016 in Manchester on 14-15 September

With a supporting report and a new website, the Platform will showcase UK-wide developments opportunities which encompass regeneration, mixed use and retail space.

Sponsored by UK property consultancy, Carter Jonas, the Platform reflects the kind of strategic ...

Brexit: Retail Outlook

Date: 27/07/2016

A lot has happened in the four weeks since the UK decided to vote to leave the European Union.

Politics, financial markets, the economy and the media have all reacted and responded in different ways. And volatility abounds.

Working with Cushman & Wakefield we believed there was a need for some sensible analysis of the retail and retail property market fundamentals, to understand how we are placed to tackle whatever challenges arise as the process of leaving the EU begins.


Do investors care about sustainability? Is CSR dead?

Date: 20/06/2016


The remit of sustainability has changed. For business, it bleeds into relationships with the natural environment, multiple facets of society and even, its relationship with itself. 

No longer a nice-to-have but more essentially acore business issue, this letter is recognitionthat embracing the opportunities of sustainable business can positively improve your bottom line and achieve long-term value...

Read the full blog by Samantha Sen, Policy Advisor here ...

BHS Collapse: BCSC says retailers must adapt

Date: 03/06/2016


Edward Cooke, Acting Chief Executive, BCSC commented: 

“Today’s announcement that the rescue bid to save BHS has collapsed, serves to demonstrate how essential it is for retailers to adapt in pace with the changes in the way consumers shop, in order to survive and thrive

“Now that administrators have been instructed to sell BHS’ 163 stores, I think we will see a lot of interest from a range of retail occupiers as well as leisure operators and even ...

Queen's Speech: BCSC calls on councils to take a wider view of development

Date: 18/05/2016

Confirmation that the Government is to introduce a Neighbourhood Planning and Infrastructure Bill, announced as part of the Queen’s Speech today, has been broadly welcomed by BCSC. 


Edward Cooke, Acting Chief Executive at BCSC, the authoritative voice of the retail property industry with over 2,500 members, said: 

“Moves to strengthen neighbourhood planning must result in more positive local decision-making, not be seen as a mechanism to stifle development ...

Political Insight Newsletter | 08

Date: 29/04/2016


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Political Insight Newsletter | 07

Date: 30/03/2016

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Guidance Note 106: Over Tiling Retail Floors

Date: 17/03/2016

Guidance Note 106: Over Tiling Retail Floors has now been released and is available to read here.


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BCSC Budget Reaction: Business rates reform too weak and too slow

Date: 16/03/2016



Edward Cooke, Director of Policy and Public Affairs BCSC, said:

"We are still of the opinion that annual uprating of business rates doesn’t reflect the way other businesses tax rates are determined and therefore puts businesses heavily reliant on the use of property to sell goods and services at a distinct disadvantage.   

“The Chancellor talked positively about retail in his speech, but the lack of urgency speaks louder than words – as does the fact ...

BCSC Reation: MPs failure to reform Sunday trading is farcical

Date: 09/03/2016

SNP’s block on reform is inconsistent given the flexibility North of the Border - Communities don’t exist on a single day of the week

BCSC is highly disappointed that MPs have failed to back the relaxation of Sunday trading legislation in Parliament.


Edward Cooke, Director of Policy and Public Affairs BCSC, said:

“This whole reform process has been farcical and the SNP blocking changes to a system driven by a desire to localise decision making is the cherry on ...

BCSC Urges MPs to Back Sunday Trading Reforms on Wednesday

Date: 08/03/2016

British Council of Shopping Centres (BCSC) – the authoritative voice of the retail property industry with over 2,500 members – urges MPs to back the relaxation of Sunday trading legislation when the plan goes before parliament on Wednesday.

The call comes as the government faces a rebellion by its MPs over its plan to extend Sunday trading, with the proposal already opposed by Labour and the SNP pledged to oppose it.

John Coyne, Chief Executive, BCSC, said: “MPs must back ...

BCSC rejects 'Keep Sunday Special' campaign action

Date: 26/02/2016

British Council of Shopping Centres (BCSC) – the authoritative voice of the retail property industry – urges ministers to stand firm on the relaxation of Sunday trading legislation in the face of legal action and a call for a mass lobby of parliament.

The Keep Sunday Special group has launched a legal challenge to plans to relax trading laws, issuing a ‘letter before action’ to Government setting out plans for a future Judicial Review. It is also calling on retailers ...

Sainsbury's-Argos merger a nail in the coffin for struggling high streets? | John Coyne, CEO

Date: 05/02/2016

I read an analysis by a retail property agent that suggested that 245 Argos stores are less than half a mile from a Sainsbury’s store.

Yet Sainsbury’s rejects suggestions that the proposed merger would be another nail in the coffin of the struggling high street!

Read the full CEO blog post here.

Sunday trading move puts consumers first and helps high streets

Date: 03/02/2016

Opponents of Sunday trading are living in the past

Yesterday the Government revived plans to amend Sunday trading laws - a move which, the British Council of Shopping Centres (BCSC) argues will improve consumer choice and increase parity between physical stores on the high street and online retail giants.

BCSC, the authoritative voice of the retail property industry with over 2,500 members, says that opponents to the relaxation of Sunday trading are living in the past

John Coyne, ...

PRESS RELEASE | BCSC on Spending Review and Autumn Statement: "Lots of Talk But No Action On Business Rates"

Date: 25/11/2015


The British Council of Shopping Centres (“BCSC”) responds to UK Chancellor George Osborne’s Spending Review and Autumn Statement 2015.

Edward Cooke, Director of Policy and Public Affairs, BCSC: “Business rates continue to be the elephant in the room with lots of talk but no action from government to address the major issues of this outdated tax

“All we have heard is that, having failed to tackle the issue, government is now proceeding to gradually ...

PRESS RELEASE | Industry Unites to Reject Antagonistic and Costly Business Rates Appeals Change

Date: 24/11/2015


Lobbying for change

The retail and property industries have joined forces to lobby for a change to the Enterprise Bill, being debated in the House of Lords on 25 November, which is set to reverse promises made by government on reforming the dysfunctional business rates appeals system.

In an open letter to the High Streets Minister, Marcus Jones MP, the British Council of Shopping Centres (BCSC), the British Retail Consortium, the British Property Federation (“BPF”), the ...

Guidance Note 103: Project Brief for Retail Developments

Date: 20/11/2015

Guidance Note 103: Project brief for retail developments has now been released and is available to read here.

Guidance Note 102: Electronic Cigarettes (Vaping)

Date: 13/11/2015

Guidance Note 102: Electronic Cigarettes (Vaping) has now been released and is available to read here.

PRESS RELEASE | BCSC Calls for More Council Action to Support High Streets

Date: 12/11/2015


Local councils must do more to support their local high streets through initiatives such as free car parking during the critical Christmas trading period – according to the British Council of Shopping Centres (BCSC).

BCSC makes the call as figures released by the charity Business in the Community (BITC) suggest that the £9.4m ‘Healthy High Streets’ scheme, lunched a year ago and backed by leading retailers, has resulted in a 5% drop in the number of empty shop ...

PRESS RELEASE | BCSC Urges Sunday Trading Reform Amid Political Opposition

Date: 11/11/2015

With the UK Government’s plans to extend Sunday trading laws in England and Wales under threat, following an announcement from the SNP that it will join Labour in opposing the proposal, the British Council of Shopping Centres (BCSC) urges policy-makers to stand firm and put the consumer first.

BCSC, the authoritative voice of the retail property industry with over 2,500 members – including developers, retailers, agents, consultants and public sector managers – has been ...

PRESS RELEASE | BCSC: Business Rates Plan will see councils sink or swim

Date: 05/10/2015


BCSC questions how approach will work in practice

Chancellor George Osborne has told the Conservative Party Conference that the Government plans a ‘devolution revolution’ and the revitalisation of Britain’s high streets by allowing councils to keep all the money they raise from business rates.

In what the Chancellor described as the biggest transfer of power to local government in living memory, Mr Osborne said that all of the £26 billion raised from business ...

Relaxation of Sunday trading laws will strengthen and drive trade in town centres

Date: 10/08/2015

Following engagement with our members and speaking for wider industry, BCSC will lead the call for more flexibility on Sunday trading hours – with the small changes promising to unlock sizeable benefits for local shoppers, communities and retailers – in terms of the freedom to shop when they choose and giving a boost to local businesses and economies.

We believe in local decision-making, more parity between physical and online retail and equal rights between different retailers ...

BCSC Writes to New Ministers Asking for Swift Action on Infrastructure, Skills and Business Rates

Date: 14/05/2015

The British Council of Shopping Centres (“BCSC”) has written to Ministers taking on new areas of responsibility in David Cameron’s overall majority government.

In a letter to the new Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Greg Clark MP, BCSC outlines the need for government to quickly create the conditions necessary to ensure “vibrant and thriving town centres.”

Edward Cooke, Director of Policy & Public Affairs, BCSC, said:

“It is ...

Accelerating change towards low carbon shopping centres

Date: 20/04/2011
Description: BCSC, 1 Queen Anne’s Gate, Westminster, London SW1H 9BT t: 0207 227 4480 e: info@bcsc.org.uk www.bcsc.org.uk ISBN 978 1 897958 52 0 Reducing carbon emission remains a key priority for any responsible business, despite the gaze of the media being squarely on the unstable global economic conditions of the past three years. Critically, with volatility in the price of oil and issues around the security of supply as oil producing nations are affected by significant civil unrest, organisations ...

Guidance note 94: The Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme

Date: 06/03/2015
Description: MARCH 2015 The Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) BCSC Guidance Note 94 Introduction This guidance note highlights the benefits of complying with Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS). It outlines the consequences of failing to comply and provides best practice guidance on how to meet its requirements. ESOS is a mandatory energy assessment scheme which has been introduced under the EU Energy Efficiency Directive. It applies to all large undertakings in the UK and is targeted at the ...

Guidance note 92: keeping shopping centre malls free from anti-social behaviour

Date: 05/11/2014
Description: Keeping shopping centre malls free from anti-social behaviour NOVEMBER 2014 BCSC Guidance Note 92 – (Applicable in England and Wales only) Background This guidance note will begin by introducing the concept of anti-social behaviour (ASB). It will then provide guidance on how to prepare for instances of ASB, outline what to do in these instances and provide information on the measures adopted by police and local authorities. Please note that this guidance note replaces BCSC guidance note 44 ...

Guidance note 84: Energy Performance Certificates

Date: 11/12/2013
Description: Energy Performance Certificates BCSC Guidance Note 84 NOVEMBER 2013 Introduction Guidance note on EPC ratings and implications resulting from changing legislation Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) The requirement of an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) originated from the EU EPBD which was approved on 16 December 2002 and brought into force on 4 January 2003. The principle objective of the Directive is to promote the improvement of the energy performance of buildings within ...

Guidance note 83: GHG reporting signposting

Date: 04/12/2013
Description: GHG Reporting Signposting Introduction BCSC Guidance Note 83 NOVEMBER 2013 Context The Climate Change Act 2008 1 stipulated the Government must introduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reporting by April 2012 or present to Parliament why it is has not. The delayed announcement in April 2013 saw GHG Reporting introduced. From 1 October 2013 the Companies Act 2006 (Strategic Report and Directors’ Report) Regulations 20132 will require all UK quoted companies to report on their GHG emissions as part of ...

Guidance note 82: The Private Security Industry Act 2001 – where are we now?

Date: 27/11/2013
Description: The Private Security Industry Act 2001 – Where are we now? Introduction NOVEMBER 2013 BCSC Guidance Note 82 The Act The private security industry comprises a number of different sectors including the provision of manned guarding, door supervisors or vehicle immobilisers. It is estimated that the industry employs more than 400,000 people in the United Kingdom. The public and private sectors combined spend is approximately £4 billion a year on private security. In 2001, the Government ...

Guidance note 79: The Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) energy efficiency scheme – implementation

Date: 04/11/2013
Description: The Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme: Implementation OCTOBER 2013 BCSC Guidance Note 79 (updated Guidance Note 65) Background How the process works Note: This is the fourth in a series of updated guidance notes on the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme. This article describes the operation of the scheme post Government Spending Review and the subsequent consultation and simplification. The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme is built upon a ...

Guidance note 77: sustainability for retail fitout – signposting guide to best practice

Date: 23/07/2013
Description: Sustainability for retail fitout – Signposting guide to best practice JULY 2013 Background BCSC Guidance Note 77 Introduction In 2010, the BCSC commissioned a team to produce an update to the existing retail shopfit design guide. This revised document described the processes that both landlord and tenant should follow to manage and co-ordinate the occupiers’ shopfit with the centres design and process requirements. The report focussed on process and design guidance however, the guide ...

Cutting carbon: cutting costs – achieving performance in retail fit outs 2013

Date: 16/01/2013
Description: Achieving Performance in Retail Fit Outs Foreword Over recent years the sustainability agenda has been gathering momentum, particularly in this current economic climate where one thing is guaranteed; that the price of energy – whether gas or electricity – is set to increase. It is just a question of by how much and when. As energy prices are constantly rising, the efficiency with which we utilise our resources and reduce our carbon footprint are naturally becoming more aligned. ...

Guidance note 73: property dispute management

Date: 10/12/2012
Description: December 2012 PROPERTY DISPUTE MANAGEMENT (previously published as Guidance note 29) GUIDANCE NOTE 73 Reflecting on the Woolf Reforms and looking forward to Jackson In 1999 the Woolf Reforms were implemented by bringing into force the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR). This represented a radical change to the litigation system in England and Wales. The Reforms were intended to reduce litigation costs and improve access to the Courts by speeding up cases using active case management. More than a ...

Guidance note 69: sustainability and Part L

Date: 17/09/2012
Description: September 2012 SUSTAINABILITY AND PART L GUIDANCE NOTE 69 Introduction Retail is a comparatively unique environment in which to promote sustainability. Retailers can be part of large multi-tenanted schemes, individuals on a common high street, large independent stores, out-of-town warehouses, etc. The variety of trading modes, scales of demise and operational methods vary significantly. Three mechanisms exist around energy efficiencies and sustainability against which both retailers and ...

Addressing crime and disorder in public places 2011

Date: 13/09/2011
Description: CIRIA C710 London 2011 Addressing crime and disorder in public places through planning and design Edited by L Clarke and A Gilbertson, CIRIA Addressing crime and disorder in public places through planning and design Summary Dealing with crime (including terrorism) and disorder in public places is high on the public’s agenda. However, consideration of the complex issues involved may only start when construction is complete and operation begins. At that point, many issues will be considered ...

Sustainability charter 2011

Date: 30/06/2011
Description: Sustainability Charter T his Charter outlines the core commitments that managers of shopping centres and managed retail properties can make to address their sustainability impacts. It covers 4 key issues: l Energy (and climate change) l Waste l Community l Water While sustainability covers a much wider set of issues, these four are chosen due to their significance, and the need to make the Charter immediately relevant and accessible to all BCSC members, including those for whom ...

Guidance note 66: development and public procurement – an increasingly certain environment?

Date: 04/05/2011
Description: Guidance 66_final 3/5/11 09:11 Page 1 May 2011 DEVELOPMENT AND PUBLIC PROCUREMENT – AN INCREASINGLY CERTAIN ENVIRONMENT? GUIDANCE NOTE 66 It is widely accepted that development involving public sector bodies, typically a retail scheme involving local authority land, may trigger a public procurement process. What has caused much consternation is the uncertainty surrounding the application of the procurement rules. The recent "Valencia" opinion has brought procurement issues back into focus ...

BCSC sustainability charter: a review 2010

Date: 30/11/2010
Description: BCSC SuStainaBility Charter a review 2010 CONTENTS 1 ForeworD 2 introDuCtion 4 oCCuPier anD lanDlorD - Facts - the cost of being sustainable - the role of the retailer - retailer cost savings - the role of the landlord and potential cost savings 8 overview oF reSPonSeS to PoliCy QueStionS 9 the role oF Small anD meDium SizeD BuSineSSeS 10 next StePS For the BCSC SuStainaBility Charter 11 aPPenDix - DetaileD analySiS oF PoliCy reSPonSeS FOrEwOrd it has been three years since BCSC launched its ...

Healthy high street?: a healthcheck for high streets and town centres 2010

Date: 08/11/2010
Description: A   healthcheck for high A healthcheck  for  high  streets   and  town  centres   streets and town centres HEALTHY HIGH STREET? HEALTHY  HIGH  STREET?   November 2010 NOVEMBER  2010   Healthy High Street? CONTENTS Introduction 3 How to use this guide 4 5-minute Checklist 5 Warning Signs 6 Not necessarily signs of decline 13 Next Steps once the warning signs are there 15 Useful organisations 19 2 Healthy High Street? INTRODUCTION High streets play a crucial role at the heart of ...

Guidance note 61: The Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) energy efficiency scheme: a guide for landlords and tenants – second edition

Date: 10/09/2010
Description: The Carbon Reduction Commitment A guide for landlords and tenants 1 Contents Acknowledgements 3 The purpose of this guide 4 Section 1: what is the CRC? 5 Penalties for non-compliance 6 Will the CRC apply to my organisation? 7 Rented property 8 Organisations that own both tenanted buildings and buildings for their own use 9 What is the timetable for the introduction of the CRC? 10 Key steps for landlords in implementing the CRC 11 Stage 1: set up CRC responsibility chains 11 Stage 2: 1 April ...

Guidance note 62: environmental impact assessments

Date: 25/08/2009
Description: August 2009 ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENTS (Original guidance note 15 published October 1993, updated November 2000 (guidance note 31)) GUIDANCE NOTE 62 It is a statutory requirement to undertake an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for certain specified developments. It is likely to be necessary for retail development where the area of the development exceeds 0.5 hectare (5,000m2) or is in a sensitive area. The characteristics of a development (e.g. size, cumulation with other ...

Guidance note 60: The Community Safety Accreditation Scheme – its application in a retail environment, England and Wales only

Date: 15/05/2009
Description: May 2009 THE COMMUNITY SAFETY ACCREDITATION SCHEME ITS APPLICATION IN A RETAIL ENVIRONMENT (ENGLAND AND WALES ONLY) GUIDANCE NOTE 60 AIMS CONTENTS The aims of this guidance note are to: ● bring the scheme to the attention of BCSC members ● highlight the pros and cons of the scheme in the retail environment ● promote discussion within BCSC Aims Introduction This guidance note will not make a recommendation as to whether particular shopping centres, retail parks or stand-alone shops ...

Guidance note 59: fire safety order – what It means for shopping centres

Date: 06/04/2009
Description: April 2009 FIRE SAFETY ORDER: WHAT IT MEANS FOR SHOPPING CENTRES GUIDANCE NOTE 59 Fire Safety Order The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 came into effect on 1 October 2006. This legislation applies to all non-domestic premises in England and Wales. The law applies to you if you are an employer, or responsible for business premises (i.e. shop manager) or premises for a charitable or voluntary organisation, or any person who has some control over part of the premises. CONTENTS Why ...

Guidance note 58: the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) – an overview

Date: 20/02/2009
Description: Guidance Note 58 (3) 17/2/09 10:10 Page 1 February 2009 GUIDANCE NOTE 58 THE CARBON REDUCTION COMMITMENT (CRC): AN OVERVIEW Note: This is the first in a series of guidance notes on the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC). This article provides a general description of the programme. The next paper will examine specific issues regarding implementation from the point of view of landlord and tenant. he first few months of 2009 will usher in a new and farreaching scheme: the Carbon Reduction ...

Guidance note 57: The Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act

Date: 25/11/2008
Description: November 2008 THE TRIBUNALS, COURTS AND ENFORCEMENT ACT GUIDANCE NOTE 57 INTRODUCTION 'Distress' - the procedure whereby a bailiff can seize goods for non payment of rent - has always been a contentious issue. The right to distrain arises from centuries on common law and is often felt to be complex, archaic and confusing. Government has therefore sought CONTENTS CRAR and principal changes introduction 1 To which leases does within the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007. In 2000, ...

Guidance note 53: EPCs and DECs – a guide to new building requirements (revised April 2008)

Date: 01/04/2008
Description: January 2008 EPCs AND DECs: A GUIDE TO NEW BUILDING REQUIREMENTS GUIDANCE NOTE 53 (REVISED APRIL 2OO8) Beginning in October 2008, all buildings that are built, sold or rented will require an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)1. The certificates assess the property’s energy efficiency and estimated running costs. Buildings will be given an energy rating (from ‘A’ to ‘G’) and will be provided with recommendations for improving performance. EPCs are valid for ten years. CONTENTS EPC ...

BCSC Student Conference: Planning Expresso

Date: 20/11/2014
Description: ‘PLANNING EXPRESSO’ Ian Anderson November 2014 PREPARED FOR PLANNING EXPRESSO Planning – 6 Killer Facts  Currently assisting on 10m sq ft of retail/mixed use development in the UK.  Work for both private and public sector.  Working on approximately 8,000 homes across the residential schemes we do.  Engaged in both town centre and out of centre markets.  We have some sites measured in square km, not hectares!  We are commercial planners, not academic anoraks! 2 CBRE | ...

Guidance note 52: national non-domestic rating – changes in void rating

Date: 19/12/2007
Description: December 2007 NATIONAL NON-DOMESTIC RATING – CHANGES IN VOID RATING GUIDANCE NOTE 52 INTRODUCTION In the budget of March 2007, the Chancellor of the Exchequer CONTENTS announced significant reforms to the existing void rating legislation in England and Wales. INTRODUCTION 1 Current liability for a void rating The aforementioned changes were contained within the Rating (Empty Properties) Act 2007, which received Royal Assent on 19 July 2007. This enactment established the overall parameters ...

Guidance note 51: sustainability and environmental design approach considerations for retail developments

Date: 17/09/2007
Description: September 2007 SUSTAINABILITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN APPROACH CONSIDERATIONS FOR RETAIL DEVELOPMENTS GUIDANCE NOTE 51 Building Regulations Part L Conservation of fuel and power This guidance note has been kindly undertaken by WSP on behalf of the Technical Affairs Committee. Its aim is to provide clear guidance on building regulations Part L with particularly reference to shopping places. CONTENTS There are a range of factors that contribute to the energy efficiency performance of a ...

Guidance note 49: retail occupiers handbook

Date: 13/03/2007
Description: March 2007 RETAIL OCCUPIERS HANDBOOK GUIDANCE NOTE NO 49 Written by the BCSC ASSET AND CENTRE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE 1.INTRODUCTION This paper has been prepared to update and replace Guidance Note 30 on Shopping Centre Management Regulations and to offer the shopping centre industry assistance in preparing an occupiers handbook, but not the implementation or operation thereof. An occupier’s handbook is a tool to inspire and inform, and this guidance note has been written as a ...

Guidance note 45: providing 'entertainment’ in shopping

Date: 20/10/2005
Description: GUIDANCE NOTE No. 45 Providing ‘Entertainment’ in Shopping Licensing Act 2003 OCTOBER 2005 1 Introduction The provisions of the Licensing Act 2003 will have implications in managing shopping centres, retail and leisure parks where entertainment is provided and that entertainment falls within the definition of ‘regulated entertainment’. This note is intended to raise awareness of the Act to enable Shopping Centre Managers to consider the implications for entertainment provided within ...

Guidance note 44: keeping shopping for customers

Date: 05/12/2005
Description: GUIDANCE NOTE No. 44 Keeping Shopping for Customers DECEMBER 2005 A Guide to Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (“Asbo”), Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (“Abc”) and Other Control Methods Contents: ASBOs were introduced by the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 (“the Act”) which came into force in April 1999. ASBOs are part of the Government’s agenda to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour and improve the quality of life in local communities. They provide an alternative to criminal ...

Guidance note 42: green travel plan

Date: 02/03/2004
Description: GUIDANCE NOTE No. 42 Green Travel Plan MARCH 2004 INTRODUCTION G G G G G G G G G G Contents: A Green Travel Plan (GTP) will be required to be submitted alongside planning applications which are likely to have significant transport implications as noted in PPG13 (paragraph 87). Under certain circumstances some or all of a travel plan may be made binding either through conditions attached to a planning permission or through related planning obligations (e.g. Section 106 agreement). Conditions ...

Guidance note 41: The Private Security Industry Act 2001

Date: 15/06/2004
Description: GUIDANCE NOTE No. 41 The Private Security Industry Act 2001 (England and Wales) and The Security Industry Authority UPDATED JUNE 2004 AT A GLANCE: INTRODUCTION q The Act introduces a system for the Background The private security industry comprises a number of different sectors including provision of manned guarding, wheel-clamping, door supervisors, private investigators and security consultants. The origins of the Private Security Industry Act 2001 were set out in Guidance Note No.38 since ...

Guidance note 40: the new code of practice

Date: 11/02/2003
Description: GUIDANCE NOTE No. 40 The new Code of Practice for Commercial Leases in England and Wales FEBRUARY 2003 Introduction Contents: Introduction In 2002, at the request of the then Department for Transport, Local Government and the Regions, the Commercial Leases Working Group published a new “Code of Practice for Commercial Leases in England and Wales”. This code has implications for all owners and occupiers as well as their agents and advisers. For those who have not yet seen details of the ...

Guidance note 39: Disability Discrimination Act (1995)

Date: 11/02/2003
Description: GUIDANCE NOTE No. 39 Disability Discrimination Act (1995) (Update and Review of Guidance Note 21) FEBRUARY 2003 Introduction: Contents: In October 1997 the BCSC Technical Affairs Committee released Guidance Note 21 The Disability Discrimination Act (1995). 1.0 The Act – A brief overview of The Disability Discrimination Act (1995) The document sought to inform the membership of the Act’s requirements by: 2.0 Timescales and Obligations – An illustration of the key programme dates ...

Guidance note 38: The Private Security Industry Act 2001

Date: 31/01/2002
Description: GUIDANCE NOTE No. 38 THE PRIVATE SECURITY INDUSTRY ACT 2001 (England and Wales) JANUARY 2002 INTRODUCTION Background The private security industry comprises a number of different sectors including provision of manned guarding, wheel-clamping, door supervisors, private investigators and security consultants. Although a large portion of the industry is seen as responsible and adopting high standards in its recruitment and other procedures, concerns have long been expressed over the activities ...

Guidance note 37: Security Alerts

Date: 31/01/2002
Description: GUIDANCE NOTE No. 37 Security Alerts JANUARY 2002 Important Note This Guidance Note has been prepared for the benefit of BCSC members with responsibilities for security in shopping centres. The information provided can be issued to relevant people in your own organisation. Circulation of the information provided should be restricted in order to avoid misuse of its content; the guidance note is not intended for public display. The latest quarterly Security Update (including advice of the ...

Guidance note 32: environmental regulation, February

Date: 07/02/2001
Description: GUIDANCE NOTE No. 32 Environmental Regulation FEBRUARY 2001 Introduction Specific environmental legislation to date really only addresses industrial processes and only the waste disposal aspects of the Environmental Protection Act impinge directly on the day to day management of shopping centres in a mandatory way. There is however a growing awareness of environmental issues worldwide and many directives, recommendations and standards exist which seek to regulate our activities in order to ...

Guidance note 33: a guide to the Data Protection Act 1998

Date: 30/03/2001
Description: A guide to the Data Protection Act 1998 Customer and other Personal Data • Market Research: individuals have a right under the Act to object to direct marketing. Any market research forms, including competition entries, used for gathering personal data of customers should contain a tick box for individuals to request that they do not receive direct marketing information. There should also be appropriate wording to advise the individual of the purposes for which the personal data are being ...

Guidance note 29: property dispute managment

Date: 26/07/2000
Description: GUIDANCE NOTE No.29 Property dispute management the impact of the woolf reforms JULY 2000 ISSUES COVERED: The Overriding Objective Overview of Reforms Introduction The Civil Procedure Rules (“CPR”) came into force on 26 April 1999 and apply to ALL Court proceedings whether current or commenced after that date. It therefore applies to lease renewal proceedings as much as other litigation. The aim of CPR is to encourage any Solicitors and Courts to take a more pro-active role in dealing ...

Guidance note 26: Crime and Disorder Act 1998

Date: 13/07/1999
Description: GUIDANCE NOTE No. 26 July 1999 Crime and Disorder Act 1998 A summary of the general crime and disorder elements only “The Act requires police and local authorities to work in partnership, and with others (including shopping centre owners, retailers and managers), to reduce crime and ISSUES COVERED: Crime and Disorder Strategy Setting disorder at a local level.” Role of The Partnership Strategy Board INTRODUCTION Delivering the Strategy 1 The Act places a statutory duty on Chief Police ...

Guidance note 25: bomb threats: search, evacuation and recovery procedures

Date: 25/04/1999
Description: GUIDANCE NOTE No. 25 April 1999 (replaces Guidance Note 3) Bomb Threats: Search, Evacuation and Recovery Procedures BASIC CONSIDERATIONS 1 The overriding consideration must always be the safety of the general public, members of centre staff, other occupiers of the shopping centre and retailers‘ staffs and precautionary steps should be taken to ensure that: ISSUES COVERED: Planning Search Procedures Evacuation 1.1 Centre management, retailers, other occupiers such as creches, Shopmobility ...

Guidance note 21: The Disability Discrimination Act (1995)

Date: 28/08/1997
Description: GUIDANCE NOTE No. 21 The Disability Discrimination Act (1995) he Disability Discrimination Act introduces new laws and measures aimed at ending the discrimination which many disabled people face. Over time, the Act will give disabled people new rights in the areas of: ISSUES COVERED: q employment Definition of Disability q access to goods and services The effects of the Act T q buying or renting land or property ln addition, amongst other requirements, the Act: q allows the Government to set ...

Guidance note 101: Fire Regulations and the Design of Retail Developments

Date: 29/09/2015
Description: BCSC Guidance Note 101 September 2015 Fire regulations and the design of retail developments Introduction 01 Regulations — what do they cover? 01 Insurance and property protection 02 Useful design guidance 02 Differences between the Scottish Technical Handbook and BS 9999 03 Covered streets 04 Summary 04 References 04 This guidance note provides an overview of the regulations for fire safety in the design of shopping centres and retail environments, together with useful guidance regarding ...

Guidance note 102: Electronic Cigarette (Vaping)

Date: 13/11/2015
Description: BCSC Guidance Note 102 November 2015 ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES (VAPING) legal status The newly revised EU Tobacco Products Directive proposes to regulate e-cigarettes as a tobacco related product. These new rules set to be implemented across EU Member States will specify how tobacco related products (included e-cigarettes) can be sold, presented and manufactured. The new Directive will come into force on the 20th May 2016. However, this legislation regulates the manufacture of the devices and ...

Response to: Reforming the Business Energy Efficiency Tax Landscape

Date: 09/11/2015
Description: A British Property Federation and BCSC response to: Reforming the Business Energy Efficiency Tax Landscape 9th November 2015 Section A: Background this response is jointly supported by: BRITISH PROPERTY FEDERATION (BPF) The BPF represents companies owning, managing and investing in property. This includes a broad range of businesses comprising commercial property owners, the financial institutions and pension Date funds, corporate landlords, residential landlords, as well as all those ...

PIA Property Data Report 2015

Date: 30/08/2015
Description: Property Industry Alliance Property Data Report 2015 Introduction This document sets out key facts about commercial property, a sector that makes up a major part of the UK economy in its own right. Commercial property is the physical platform for virtually all the UK’s other major industries and enterprises, as well as providing places in which people can work, shop and enjoy leisure activities. Similar in size to banking and larger than the telecommunications and transport sectors ...

BCSC Budget 2016 Comment

Date: 17/03/2016
Description: view in browser Follow us: #BCSCinsight #Budget2016 Yesterday was a reminder that Budget statements are more about politics than they are economics. Given the current rocky relationships within the Conservative party and the Chancellor’s ever closer date with leadership destiny, yesterday was always going to support this theory. Raids on pensions and increases in fuel duty were no goes, wrestling schools from the manipulative clutches of local education authorities and supporting small ...

Political Insight 07

Date: 30/03/2016
Description: view in browser Follow us: #BCSCinsight I hope you had a wonderful bank holiday weekend and that you managed to hold on tight to all your spoils from Easter during the extreme winds of Storm Katie ! Here's what we've been doing during the past month for the benefit of our membership. It’s good to talk, so drop me a line if you have any comments, or are willing to share any of your own political intelligence. Ed Cooke Director of Policy and Public Affairs @BCSCEdCooke Raids on pensions and ...

Political Insight 08

Date: 29/04/2016
Description: view in browser Follow us: #BCSCinsight BHS RESPONSIBLE EU HIGH LOCAL ADMINISTRATION BUSINESS WEEK REFERENDUM STREETS POLITICS Welcome to your latest edition of Political Insight from BCSC. We hope you are enjoying the unpredictable Spring weather! Fingers crossed warmer climes are to come very soon... This month has been an eventful one for the sector with both BHS and Austin Reed going into administration. In the political domain, much energy and time is being channelled into the upcoming ...

Local Authortiy Regeneration Projects

Date: 11/11/2016
Description: Revamp Revitalise Regenerate Showcasing inspiring Local Authority regeneration projects. Sponsored by: 02 REGENERATION Introduction 03 A word from our sponsor 04 Adur & Worthing Council: Restaurant Quarter, Montague Centre 06 12 The Retail and Town Centre Consultancy and Development team at Carter Jonas has a wealth of experience advising local authorities, developers, investors and businesses on the planning, regeneration and transformation of centres and places; from inception through to ...