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Revo | Security and Safer Shopping Committee

Date: 01/02/2021 13:49
Description: Revo supports the people and businesses involved in the diverse world of retail property and placemaking to thrive and prosper.

Living with dementia

Date: 21/08/2017 17:03
Description: Revo supports the people and businesses involved in the diverse world of retail property and placemaking to thrive and prosper.

Revo | Mobile Charging Hazards in Retail Places

Date: 03/07/2018 11:13
Description: Revo supports the people and businesses involved in the diverse world of retail property and placemaking to thrive and prosper.

Revo | Spring into action - and save more than money

Date: 03/07/2018 11:13
Description: Revo supports the people and businesses involved in the diverse world of retail property and placemaking to thrive and prosper.

Revo | The challenge of modern slavery

Date: 03/07/2018 11:14
Description: The criminal justice system is rising to the challenge of the threat posed by modern slavery and is fighting back. It is estimated that there are between 10,000-13,000 slaves in the UK but there may be many more.

Revo | Be alert, not alarmed.

Date: 16/08/2018 10:48
Description: The attack on the Tuesday 14 August at Westminster is unfortunately a timely reminder that, whilst many are enjoying their well-earned summer breaks that, unfortunately terrorism does not cease. Terrorists have a rich arsenal of attack methods at their disposal. Using vehicles as weapons of attack seems to be a current favoured tactic, therefore all crowded SPACES are a potential vulnerability.

World Homeless Day | Retail's Role

Date: 19/11/2019 15:17
Description: Homelessness has been on the rise. Retail has great potential to offer opportunities to those out of work and/or lacking skills to find secure jobs.

Case Study: Responding to a suicide attempt in a shopping centre

Date: 14/10/2019 13:02
Description: This case study features a response to a suicide attempt in a shopping centre. Download our framework on suicide prevention and awareness for retail.

Revo supports the case to protect tax free shopping

Date: 22/09/2020


The Treasury has made the surprise decision to the end the tax-free shopping scheme, which will arguably have massive negative consequences for Britain’s tourism and retail industries, resulting in a £5.6bn hit on the UK economy through the loss of tax-free sales. Many stores are on the verge of closing. The expectation of the return of international visitors in 2021 has kept many businesses going, but the Treasury’s decision has undermined that hope. Not only will ...

Landlords and tenants unite in call for Government subsidy as end of eviction ban nears

Date: 25/08/2020

Many landlords and tenants are broadly united in calls for the Government to step in and pay 50pc of rents in what bosses have termed Property Bounceback Grants. Yet the Government’s bar for financial support beyond existing loans and grants is high.


“It is not a call from owners alone,” says Vivienne King, chief executive of the retail property group Revo. “But a desperate plea from the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors who recognise that it is not ...

Business & landlords call for introduction of Property Bounceback Grant

Date: 11/08/2020

The British Property Federation (BPF), British Retail Consortium (BRC), Revo, ukactive and UKHospitality have issued a joint call for the Government to introduce a Property Bounceback Grant to facilitate negotiations between landlords and tenants. This aims to solve the rent crisis looming over the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors and the wider property industry.



Analysis commissioned by the five trade bodies found that if Government support covered 50% of unpaid rents ...

Scotland’s Phased Lifting of Lockdown (Updated 16 July 2020)

Date: 16/07/2020

The Scottish Government has produced specific dates and guidance in relation to the lifting of lockdown provisions; these differ from those in England which are not applicable in Scotland.
At the end of May, the Scottish Government released a four-stage roadmap for the country to navigate safely out of lockdown. Each Phase is set out in three week intervals with an essential evaluation period required before the next Phase is undertaken. Where determined by the Scottish Government that it is ...

Welcome back Scottish retail. Lang may yer lum reek!

Date: 15/07/2020


With shops in Scotland re-opening on July 13th, Revo’s Financial Controller Yvonne Boyd heads to Hammerson’s Silverburn Centre, near Glasgow


Much has been written about the different approaches the UK’s four home nations are taking to ease their lockdown restrictions. Here in Scotland we’ve had to wait a full month longer than our English counterparts for our shops and retail centres to open again. Monday 13th July was the key date and since 18 weeks ...

Revo’s response to the Chancellor’s emergency mini-budget

Date: 09/07/2020

Vivienne King, Chief Executive at Revo, said:


“The measures that the Chancellor has put in place to save jobs, with a focus on getting young people back to work, is welcomed and is good news for the retail and hospitality sectors hit by the pandemic, which employ so many young people.


“The temporary cut in VAT is also a positive step and should help the retail sector by boosting consumer spending and encouraging people back to retail places.


“We have ...

Government guidance published

Date: 14/05/2020

As part of the Government roadmap for gradually lifting the current restrictions in England, three sets of targeted guidance have been published which are particularly relevant to our members:


Revo has recently also released guidance to support the re-opening of shopping centres and retail parks in ...

Revo joins call with Prime Minister to discuss framework for returning safely back to work

Date: 11/05/2020

Last night, Revo chief executive Vivienne King joined a conference call with the Prime Minister and Business Secretary to learn more about the government’s plan for returning to work safely.


Given the work our members have been involved in to protect staff and customers on reopening, we are confident that the broader retail sector will be ready to reopen on 1 June and we are urging the Government to recognise this and work to meet this target date.


Framework guidance for ...

Industry Covid-19 Call: Key messages (28 April)

Date: 30/04/2020

Key messages from the industry call 28/04/20

The industry continues to face challenges maintaining lockdown of retail assets, as well as becoming increasingly concerned in regards to re-opening. To help support members from a practical perspective, Revo has held a fifth industry call on Tuesday April 28. The themes covered included an update on crime, information on home testing, managing communication, and misinformation. As many as 68 attendees joined the call.


The call was chaired ...

Supporting the retail property and placemaking industry through COVID-19

Date: 28/04/2020

Revo is working in collaboration with British Property Federation and British Retail Consortium to support businesses in the retail property and placemaking industry facing unprecedented challenges as a result of COVID-19.


Read the full article in The Financial Times.

Read our joint letter to Chancellor Rishi Sunak here.

Industry Covid-19 Call: Key messages (7 April)

Date: 23/04/2020

Maintaining Lockdown: 2 weeks in

To help support members from a practical perspective, the industry call on April 7th covered the challenges surrounding maintaining lockdown of retail assets. We heard from members of the Security & Safer Shopping Committee and Guildford BID to share learnings across a range of portfolios and support our community through this difficult time. 


Chaired by Graham Williams, Chairman of the Revo Security & Safer Shopping Committee the call key ...

Landlords in Peril as Chains Like H&M Refuse to Pay Rent

Date: 06/04/2020

Coronavirus lockdowns are shutting stores all over Europe. There could be dire consequences for the real estate and banking sectors.


Landlords will face steep shortfalls in income if most retailers withhold rent on stores they cannot operate. That would make it harder for property companies to pay interest and avoid covenant breaches on loans. In the worst-case scenario, if there is no forbearance from lenders, banks could call in loans and repossess assets.


Vivienne King, ...

Industry Covid-19 Call: Key messages (27 March)

Date: 01/04/2020


COVID 19 - Conference Call 27.03.20 - Key Messages & resources


Speakers for the call:
Chief Inspector Patrick Holdaway, Head of Operations, National Business Crime Centre.



  • Additional legislative powers for the police.
  • Supporting essential workers
  • Members forum covering current challenges


Patrick Holdaway, Operational Lead, National Business Crime Centre

  • Coronavirus Bill was passed 26 March. There will be a variation of interpretation between the ...

Rent breaks puts pressure on landlords

Date: 25/03/2020

Shopping centre owners and other property firms have warned ministers that they face extreme challenges without support to replace lost rental income.


Edward Cooke, chief executive of Revo, said talks were under way with the Government about what support can be made available to landlords, potentially in the form of loans or grants amid fears that some may not qualify for existing schemes.


He pointed out that many property firms counted UK pension funds among their top ...

Industry Covid-19 Call: Key messages & resources

Date: 23/03/2020

On Thursday (19.03.20) Revo held an industry call on COVID-19. This was a follow up call to the one held two weeks ago that covered business continuity and crisis management. 


We are living in exceptional times and it is more important than ever to come together as a community, to work collaboratively to support staff and our customers the best we can. For Revo members, a new information hub has been formed on the website and we will continue to hold weekly calls to provide ...

Coronavirus: Updated Recommendations - 18th March 2020

Date: 18/03/2020

This post was originally published on the 5th March. This post will be regularly updated to reflect the latest guidance and information available.


We are responding to the COVID 19 outbreak by signposting members to PHE advice and guidance.


PHE Guidance and Campaign Resource Centre (18/03/2020):

Please note that PHE have lifted the access restrictions on their Campaign Resource Centre so now anyone can download and use the materials. Click here to be redirected to ...

Government proposes duty to protect public spaces from terror

Date: 27/02/2020

Government proposes duty to protect public spaces from terror. 


Security Minister James Brokenshire this week announced plans to introduce a law which will require owners and operators of public spaces and venues to put in place measures to keep the public safe from a terrorist attack.


Click here for more information.

Retail Crime and Loss Prevention - A Joined Up Approach

Date: 12/02/2020

In an already struggling environment for the retail industry, profits are literally walking out the door. According to the Centre for Retail Research, it is estimated that UK retail shrinkage accounts for almost £5.5 billion and that's just the financial implications, the human impact has very real consequences for anyone seeking a career in retail.


Read the full blog here.

PHE Guidance on How to Prevent Spread of 2019–nCoV infection

Date: 03/02/2020

Please see here for the latest guidance and information for the public from Public Heath England on the outbreak of Wuhan coronavirus, including preventing the spread of infection.

Coronavirus: Information for the public

Date: 27/01/2020

Information and actions for the public on the outbreak of Wuhan coronavirus, including the current situation in the UK and actions taken in the UK and abroad from Public Health England.

Please see here for the latest guidance.

The cost of retail vandalism and how to get rid of graffiti 

Date: 28/11/2019

Shoppers care about appearances. With experiential shopping still top of customers’ list of expectations, environment is just as important as product. How retail premises look on the outside tells customers what they can expect to find inside, so it’s vital that storefronts always look their best.

Check out our guest post by One Fifty featuring insights into the real costs of graffiti and top tips on removing it.

Together we can end homelessness

Date: 20/11/2019

Did you know that there is a record number of people who are homeless in the UK? Homeless charity Shelter reports that in 2018, 320,000 people were homeless. Living without a home is dangerous, can cause health problems and affects people’s wellbeing. To find out more please see our infographic here.


Revo is looking to support the industry in a number of ways. We have released two case studies. This highlights the work of two businesses including the Social Bite, a Scottish ...

Put security at the top of your festive list!

Date: 30/10/2019

The 2019 Counter Terrorism Policing Festive Campaign was launched on Friday 25 October and members are encouraged to support the campaign.


Download the guidance here.

How to add value through security in placemaking and people centred design

Date: 24/10/2019

The retail industry is undergoing a revolutionary change towards creating “destinations”. In other words, retail is focusing more creating experiences, rather than on the goods. Simultaneously, in the security world, we are seeing the constant evolution of terrorist and criminal threats.


But how do we create an environment that generates crowds of happy visitors, when crowds are seen as targets? Are the traditional approaches to security good for retail and placemaking ...

Retail safety & security | Urbexing, the power of hello

Date: 21/10/2019

Check out our latest guest post by Gareth Griffiths, Security and Resilience Manager at The Crown Estate, reflecting on his key takeaways from Revo's 2019 Safety & Security Conference, including retail’s response to urbexing and suicide prevention.


Read the full article here.

NCTPHQ Incident Advisor Update Bulletin

Date: 17/10/2019

Following on from the incident on Friday in Manchester we have the attached guidance and advice from CT Policing. Contact your local CTSA for further support and information.


UK Incident Advisory - October 2019

Countering Maurading Attacks - An Organisation's Response


Also, see here for the NBCC recent article on training and resources for knife retailers.

Retail's role in suicide awareness and prevention

Date: 14/10/2019

Protecting people at risk is a multi-faceted, multi-agency issue. One third of suicides happen in public places, including retail places. Our thanks to the team at Market Place Bolton for providing this case study on how the Centre team responded to a suicide attempt earlier this year.


Read the full case study here. The case study includes sensitive topics that may be distressing to some readers.


Download our comprehensive suicide awareness and prevention guidance for the ...

World Homeless Day | Retail's Role

Date: 10/10/2019


Homelessness has been on the rise over the last few years, impacting towns and cities, in all regions across the United Kingdom (UK).


Despite challenging times, the retail industry has great potential to offer training and work opportunities to those out of work and/or lacking skills to find secure, well paid employment.


In light of World Homeless Day and World Mental Health Day, check out our latest article highlighting the link between homelesness and mental health, ...

Call for Evidence on Violence and Abuse Toward Shop Staff

Date: 22/05/2019

The Home Office has published a Call for Evidence on Violence and Abuse Toward Shop Staff. The consultation seeks the views of organisations and individuals who wish to contribute to the understanding of the problem of violence and abuse toward shop staff in England and Wales.

The deadline for response to the consultation is 28 June 2019.

In addition, the guidance on Impact Statements for Business and on reporting to the police have also been published (on GOV.uk and the NBCC’s ...

Small Talk Saves Lives

Date: 14/05/2019

For every life lost on the railways, six are saved by the people around them.


You might not realise it, but you already have the experience you need to help save a life on a train platform.


If you see someone on a platform who you think might need help, trust your instincts and start a conversation.


You could help save a life.


Why we're doing this

Research carried out for Samaritans by the Universities of Middlesex and Westminster shows that the people standing ...

Supporting your staff and the public with their mental health

Date: 13/05/2019

We know that around one in four people will experience a mental health problem in any one year – and yet the shame and silence can be as bad as the mental health problem itself. How staff in retail places approach mental health can change someone’s life, whether they’re a work colleague or a member of the public.


Here we outline a number of ways in which centre managers and staff can help.


  1. Learn some key facts about mental health problems which may help ...

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle – Drones!

Date: 15/03/2019

The use of drones can be a useful and innovative resource to employ to carry out assignments such as media, property advertising, construction/surveying, mapping and infrastructure inspection services, agriculture, emergency service support and event photography but there is a concern they can also be used for malicious intentions. The disruption caused in 2018 demonstrated the difficulties in identifying and preventing unofficial – unsanctioned – drone flight over prohibited ...

Counter Terrorism Policing - Incident in Strasbourg.

Date: 12/12/2018

National Bulletin from Counter Terrorism Policing.

Whatever the motivations for last night’s attack in Strasbourg attack prove to be, we should take it as a reminder of the ever-present threats and risks that our communities face. 

We have already made a call-to–action through our Winter Awareness Campaign and I urge you to broadcast that as widely as you can. The key points for people to act on are: 

  • Link in to your local forces for advice and guidance on safety and ...

Christmas security all wrapped up with Counter Terrorism Policing.

Date: 07/12/2018

Working together with communities, Counter Terrorism Policing wants Christmas security all wrapped up.

Shoppers are being asked to put security at the top of their ‘must have’ lists this Christmas.

With the festive rush about to get underway, Counter Terrorism Policing has launched its biggest-ever winter advertising campaign as part of ACT: Action Counters Terrorism.

While there is no known increased threat to busy town and city centres, people flocking to stock up on Christmas ...

Crime Reporting Systems: Guidance Note 122.

Date: 30/11/2018

We are dedicated to helping make our town centres and retail places safer places to live, work in and visit. 

For this purpose, we provide you a guidance note which explores the nature of business crime reduction partnerships (BCRPs) and policing in town centres. It outlines the key requirements of IT crime reporting systems and their installation. It also provides highlights of suitable systems on the market, helping to inform management decisions on which system to adopt.


AquAid and water pumps!

Date: 27/11/2018

Here at Revo, health and wellbeing within the workplace and built environment is an important part of our responsibility. From our relationship with AquAid, this has given us the opportunity to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

Each purchase means an automatic donation is made to the Africa Trust. These funds are used to build ‘Elephant Pumps’ - a modified version of an age old Chinese rope pulley system, which can provide safe drinking water for upwards of ...

Purple Tuesday - Tuesday 13 November.

Date: 13/11/2018

Nearly one in every five people in the UK has a disability or impairment, and over half of households have a connection to someone with a disability. Their collective spending power – the Purple Pound – is worth £249 billion to the UK economy.

However, this potential is not being fully realised. There are still real (and perceived) barriers that make it harder for disabled people to find work, spend money online and in store, and enjoy a drink or meal out.


Purple ...

Revo Manchester 2018. It's here!

Date: 21/09/2018

This is the largest gathering of its kind in the UK – bringing together the sector’s key decision makers and dynamic businesses that together create, deliver, operate and occupy great places to live, work, shop, eat and be entertained.

Connect with over 2,500 senior decision makers from across our diverse and progressive retail property and placemaking industry. Do deals. Learn. Socialise.

Find out more here


Programme  |   Attendee List  ...

Revo and ICSC agree on global partnership.

Date: 20/09/2018

We're pleased to announce the signing of a formal agreement with The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC).

We're absolutely delighted to join 14 national organisations representing retail property and placemaking across Europe and the globe and in doing so allowing for a more collaborative, strategic and mutually beneficial relationship that will advance the interests of our global community.

We're joining the following countries:


Guidance Note 121: Urban Explorers.

Date: 17/08/2018

While the urban explorers’ escapades can be seen as harmless fun, they undermine the work that centres are doing at a time of increasingly heightened security to keep staff and shoppers safe and secure. This guidance note has been developed to help understand urban exploring and how shopping centre managers can deal with this issue, including applying for an injunction to restrain trespass.

For more guidance on key technical and security issues, please visit our Content Hub.

We ...

Be alert, not alarmed.

Date: 16/08/2018

The attack on the Tuesday 14 August at Westminster is unfortunately a timely reminder that, whilst many are enjoying their well-earned summer breaks that, unfortunately terrorism does not cease.

Terrorists have a rich arsenal of attack methods at their disposal. Using vehicles as weapons of attack seems to be a current favored tactic, therefore all crowded spaces are a potential vulnerability.

Our biggest enemy is complacency; we must all remain motivated and vigilant against all forms of ...

Westminster incident.

Date: 14/08/2018

The Metropolitan Police service at this stage are treating this morning’s incident at Parliament as a terrorist incident and it is being investigated by the Met’s counter terrorism command.

Those with information that could assist with the investigation can call 0800 789 321.

Anyone who may have footage or images of the incident is asked to send them to the Police here.

The public can expect to see extra police officers - both armed and unarmed - out on the streets in and around central ...

Revo Manchester 2018: Bursting with inspiration from floor to ceiling!

Date: 08/08/2018

Jam packed with the who’s who and latest thinking in retail property and placemaking. 

  • 2,500+ of the most senior decision makers representing c. 1,000 businesses 

  • 600+ occupiers representing over 240 brands

  • 19 hours CPD. Be inspired by speakers including Peter Cowgill, CEO, JD Sports; Pat Ritchie, Chief Executive, Newcastle City Council; Crispin Lilly, CEO, Everyman; and many more

  • F&B and leisure showcases ...

President Trump's visit.

Date: 11/07/2018

The Metropolitan Police are currently preparing and planning for the visit of the President of the United States on the Friday 13 July:

"As part of our approach we are engaging with local communities to take feedback on how communities are feeling or may be affected, and address any local concerns circulating within communities during the intended visit. Our aim is to provide information and reassurance about police activity, and how you can get in touch.

Over the past few weeks, ...

Revo Manchester 2018 - hear all about it!

Date: 09/07/2018

The Revo Manchester 2018 conference programme is building up to be the biggest and best ever.

You’ll hear from the industry’s most innovative players, who through their unique businesses and talents are embracing and transforming our dynamic retail property and placemaking community.

Be inspired. Be transfixed. Be astounded. Our conference programme is a roller-coaster of insight, interaction and enlightenment. Plus, it'll reward you with 19 hours CPD.


Write your own story as a Revo member.

Date: 06/07/2018

We're on a mission to expand our community.

Over the past 6 months we've released videos, featuring some willing member volunteers, reading a story of an imaginary member called Suzy from Bushy Bratley and all the benefits she recieves.

View our most recent one here with Jaya Relwani from Ellandi!



Date: 14/06/2018

TAKE:90 is a cross sector campaign supported by the Met Police.

They are recruiting 90 organisations, brands and figureheads from across the public, private and 3rd sector - currently including Calm, Westfield, WhatWeSee, Met, CBI, Teach First, London First - who will TAKE:90 this summer!

The aim is to seed the phrase ’taking 90’ seconds into our culture so it becomes a recognised and acceptable thing to do to channel anger appropriately, just like the phrase 'designated ...

Counter Terrorism Conference.

Date: 31/05/2018

Faced with wide ranging ...

Update from NaCTSO.

Date: 28/03/2018

Anti-social behaviour.

Date: 28/03/2018

At present, business crime within shopping places is largely unreported. 

Some reports of anti-social, dangerous and criminal activities highlighted to Revo via our Security ...

Guidance Note 117: Cash and valuables in transit.

Date: 28/02/2018

Over recent years, the number of CVIT robberies has reduced through the excellent initiatives in place.

However, Revo would like to further enhance the guidance available to the industry to ensure that the mitigation of security and safety risks and the safe transportation of cash remains a high priority.

This guidance provides helpful advice to reduce the risk of CVIT robbery when cash is transported to and from shopping centres and other retail locations.

Members can access the ...

Revo Manchester 2018 - our doors are open!

Date: 06/02/2018

Three key business reasons to be there: Do deals. Learn. Socialise.

Connect with over 2,500 senior decision makers from across our diverse and progressive retail property and placemaking industry. This is the largest gathering of our community in the UK – all the people and businesses that together create, deliver, operate and occupy great places for work, rest and play.

How much? Member priority tickets are just £395 until Friday 20 April! Not a Revo member? Sorry, tickets ...

GDPR: a gigantic headache for retail and property.

Date: 24/01/2018

We’re just months away from the new GDPR legalisation coming into effect and there’s no time like the present to ensure you’re compliant.

This industry wide workshop, delivered with RPC, will provide you with the opportunity to discuss the practical issues GDPR presents for the retail property industry and your business, and get the solutions you need.

It could be a gigantic headache for you, and us. So book your place now to relieve some of that pain.

Parsons Green Tube Station Incident.

Date: 15/09/2017

Counter Terrorism Advice Update

You will be aware of this morning’s terror incident at Parsons Green Tube Station. The national threat level remains at Severe after being heightened to Critical.

We have been liaising with the Counter Terrorism Specialists on your behalf, and their advice follows.

All our communities and partners should remain alert but not alarmed.

Plans for incidents of this type are put into practice. Many of you will have customers or staff who will look to you ...

How are we doing?

Date: 10/07/2017

We would like your honest, open thoughts.

You could win a £50 Love2shop voucher for letting us know!

Ever since we rebranded to Revo, we've been working hard to raise our game.

We’re committed to enhancing and improving our output in order to support our community to succeed.

There’s been some good stuff since last ...

Guidance Note 95 - Security Threat Mitigation Response Levels.

Date: 25/05/2017

With the security threat level at ‘Critical’ please refer to Revo Guidance Note 95: Security Threat Mitigation Response Levels and review your plans in accordance.

This has been made available for everyone to access.

View the document here

Action Counters Terrorism - Make Nothing Happen

Date: 13/03/2017

Since 2014, the threat we’ve faced from terrorism has been ‘Severe’ which means that an attack is highly likely.

But the cooperation between public and police is a powerful defence. Consequently, in recent years, attacks have been prevented and lives have been saved.

Communities defeat ...

Guidance Note 107: Insider Threat - Identity Verification

Date: 27/05/2016

Guidance Note 107: Insider Threat - Identity Verification has now been released and is available to read here.


This Guidance Note can only be viewed by members of BCSC. To find out more about membership go here, or join us today.

Security Update Post Brussels

Date: 23/03/2016

Following horrific attacks in Brussels we have been engaging with the security services to ascertain any changes in the current threat levels and advice for retail property asset ownersoperators and managers.   

Although the threat level remains the same, police forces across the U.K have been deployed in larger numbers in crowded places, and will therefore be more visible to your customers.


Guidance Note 102: Electronic Cigarettes (Vaping)

Date: 13/11/2015

Guidance Note 102: Electronic Cigarettes (Vaping) has now been released and is available to read here.

NACTSO Has Released an Updated Security Threat Warning

Date: 29/08/2014

Please read carefully to ensure you understand this increased threat. 


Threat Increase Crowded Places Business Final.doc

MOPAC Business Crime Strategy Launched 23 July 2014

Date: 24/07/2014

The MOPAC Business Crime Strategy was launched on Wednesday 23 July. Our thanks to the Security & Safer Shopping Committee led by John Partington who have contributed to its development. 

The Online Twelve Frauds of Christmas

Date: 23/12/2013

The City of London Police is committed to preventing, detecting and disrupting fraudulent activities throughout the UK.  


Working with the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB), Get Safe Online and Action Fraud, they’ve created the twelve online frauds of Christmas that they suspect criminals may use during the festive period. These have been compiled with the aim of highlighting these fraudulent activities and increasing business and community awareness, together ...

Guidance Note 91: Crime Reporting Systems

Date: 05/11/2014
Description: This guidance note explores the nature of business crime reduction partnerships (BCRPs) and policing in town centres. It outlines the key requirements of IT crime reporting systems and their installation.

CentreNews: Autumn Issue

Date: 03/11/2014
Description: LEADING RETAIL PROPERTY CENTRE NEWS W elcome to the first edition of the shopping centre management newsletter - we give our thanks to the Association of Shopping Centre Managers for permitting the use of their past newsletter title. So what’s this newsletter all about? The purpose is to combine the guidance, research and updates, events and awardspertinent to shopping centre management. BCSC produce a lot of information, some of which may be lost in our inboxes, so this Newsletter aims to ...

Guidance Note 90: Smash and Grab Raids – Prevention and Damage Limitation

Date: 03/10/2014
Description: This guidance note introduces the concept of smash and grab raids, explaining the nature in which they unfold and providing best practice on how to help prevent and respond to such incidents. The guidance provided is tailored to both the retailer and shopping centre security team.

Guidance Note 89: Guidance on Use of Media Screens in Shopping Centres

Date: 22/09/2014
Description: This guidance note discusses opportunities for the application of video media presentation to new and existing assets...

Guidance Note 95: Security Threat Mitigation Response Levels

Date: 22/04/2015
Description: This guidance note outlines all the different security threat levels and allocates an appropriate response level to each of them. It then provides detailed instructions on what to do at each response level and clarifies the different types of attack a shopping centre may be faced with.

Assessment of Flood Risk (2014)

Date: 24/04/2015
Description: Flood risk is a fundamental consideration in the development, purchase, management and potential future redevelopment of retail property.

Guidance Note 86: CCTV in Shopping Centres and Associated Car Parks

Date: 26/02/2014
Description: This guidance note replaces the guidance noten14 issued in 1993, which is now cancelled. It is issued following the Coalition Government’s ‘Surveillance Camera Code of Practice’ dated June 2013 and issued by the Home Office.

Guidance Note 85: Overhead Glazing and ETFE Roofing

Date: 17/01/2014
Description: Highly publicised failures of overhead roof glazing in recent years lend emphasis to the importance of careful design and specification of this element, which is a common feature in modern shopping centres.

Guidance Note 84: Energy Performance Certificates

Date: 11/12/2013
Description: Guidance note on EPC ratings and implications resulting from changing legislation Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) The requirement of an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) originated from the EU EPBD which was approved on 16 December 2002 and brought into force on 4 January 2003.

Guidance Note 82: The Private Security Industry Act 2001 – Where Are We Now?

Date: 27/11/2013
Description: The private security industry comprises a number of different sectors including the provision of manned guarding, door supervisors or vehicle immobilisers.

Guidance Note 80: Firearms Attacks in Shopping Centres

Date: 18/10/2013
Description: In December 2012 a gunman opened fire inside an Oregon shopping centre killing two people. There have been at least three other recent incidents in the USA, one in Finland (December 2009), one in Toronto (March 2013) and one in Amsterdam (April 2011).

Guidance Note 74: Lifts in the Retail Environment

Date: 12/12/2012
Description: UK shopping malls are generally low rise and therefore lifts are not part of the mass transit systems that we see in office blocks. The mass vertical transportation in the retail environment is provided by escalators, which are a more efficient means of people movement.

Protecting Shopping Centres: Human Factors Guidance 2012

Date: 03/12/2012
Description: ‘Human factors’ and how it can affect the day to day security in a shopping centre, is probably a completely new concept to most readers. The air traffic control and maritime industries recognised it as a weak area some time ago and have taken great strides in addressing the problem.

Guidance Note 70: Drugs Awareness

Date: 18/10/2012
Description: Drugs are substances that change people’s behaviour and the way in which the mind and body works. Substance misuse includes the use of illegal drugs, prescribed drugs and substances such as solvents and new psychoactive substances commonly referred to as ‘legal highs’.

Addressing Crime and Disorder in Public Places 2011

Date: 13/09/2011
Description: Dealing with crime (including terrorism) and disorder in public places is high on the public’s agenda. However, consideration of the complex issues involved may only start when construction is complete and operation begins. At that point, many issues will be considered by operators and facility managers/maintainers.

Guidance Note 71: Escalators

Date: 20/08/2012
Description: Escalators and moving walks are an efficient and safe means of moving large numbers of passengers and as such, are commonly used within shopping centres. The specification and safe operation of escalators however, requires careful consideration and procedures with respect to design, management and maintenance.

A Guide to Preparing an Occupiers Handbook in ROI

Date: 14/04/2015
Description: As practitioners we are required to prepare or update Occupiers Handbooks for commercial, retail and residential premises under our management. Each time the management of a property changes hands or a new property comes to the market there is a potential opportunity to prepare a new handbook. Every property and every lease is unique and the preparation of an Occupiers Handbook is regulated by the terms of the leases and the requirements of the property.

Safer Surfaces to Walk on: Reducing the Risks of Slipping - 2010 Update

Date: 11/06/2010
Description: Safer surfaces to walk on – reducing the risk of slipping.

Guidance Note 63: Fire Risk Assessment in Shopping Centre Mall Commercialisation Activities

Date: 09/11/2009
Description: The use of malls in shopping centres for commercialisation activities is an increasingly important trend as pressure on income increases. Such activity drives increased footfall and revenue for the centre but there are important fire safety considerations to be understood.

Guidance Note 64: Disposal of Possibly Contaminated Sharp Waste

Date: 24/11/2009
Description: The need to safely manage and dispose of ‘sharp waste’ is a chronic problem for shopping centre management. This guidance note has been updated to assist management staff in developing and evolving their operational procedures to deal with this issue.

Guidance Note 60: The Community Safety Accreditation Scheme – its Application in a Retail Environment, England and Wales only

Date: 15/05/2009
Description: This guidance note will not make a recommendation as to whether particular shopping centres, retail parks or stand-alone shops should adopt the scheme or not. This decision is up to individual operators and will be driven by the local conditions and environment.

Guidance Note 59: Fire Safety Order – What it Means for Shopping Centres

Date: 06/04/2009
Description: The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 came into effect on 1 October 2006. This legislation applies to all non-domestic premises in England and Wales. The law applies to you if you are an employer, or responsible for business premises (i.e. shop manager) or premises for a charitable or voluntary organisation, or any person who has some control over part of the premises.

BCSC Security & Safer Shopping Committee Abbreviations Table

Date: 01/10/2014
Description: Need a one-stop guide on industry abbreviations? Well, here you go!

Threat Level Increase

Date: 29/08/2014
Description: The threat level from international terrorism has changed from SUBSTANTIAL to SEVERE in response to the developments in Syria and Iraq. This means it is highly likely that a terrorist attack could happen in the UK.

Street View Imagery/3D Imagery Mapping

Date: 02/07/2014
Description: This guidance note has been written in response to requests from business and industry following approaches from Street View Imagery/3D Imagery companies to photograph and map the internal footprints of publicly accessible sites.

Guidance Note 97: Slip Resistance

Date: 02/06/2015
Description: The purpose of this guidance note is to give an overview of the issue of slip resistance for flooring materials in retail developments, whether internal or external environments.

CentreNews. Spring Issue

Date: 29/04/2015
Description: CENTRE NEWS | ISSUE 3 CENTRE NEWS SPRING 2015 | ISSUE 3 As a proud member of the SCM diploma alumni, I’m delighted to see this year’s list of graduates. W elcome to the Spring edition of Centre News. In this edition, the focus is on customer experience, the edge that makes the difference. In the age of social media and review websites, a poor experience by a customer can quickly go viral. This is something we all want to avoid! BCSC celebrates and awards customer excellence through the ...

Guidance Note 50: Lifts in the Retail Environment

Date: 18/07/2007
Description: This guidance note has been kindly undertaken by WSP on behalf of the Technical Affairs Committee. Its aim is to provide clear and simple advice on the installation and maintenance of lifts in retail environments.

Guidance Note 44: Keeping Shopping for Customers

Date: 05/12/2005
Description: ASBOs were introduced by the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 (“the Act”) which came into force in April 1999. ASBOs are part of the Government’s agenda to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour and improve the quality of life in local communities.

Guidance Note 43: Drugs Awareness

Date: 18/03/2005
Description: This note is designed to advise on possible management, personnel training and awareness issues. Contact advice on other Agencies that may be helpful is also offered. It is not designed to provide details of drugs or the wider impact and cost of drug abuse.

Guidance Note 41: The Private Security Industry Act 2001

Date: 15/06/2004
Description: The private security industry comprises a number of different sectors including provision of manned guarding, wheel-clamping, door supervisors, private investigators and security consultants.

Occasional Paper 10: CCTV User Guide for Shopping Environments

Date: 24/10/2007
Description: Designed and produced by Price: £25 (BCSC members £15) www.in2.co.uk Westminster, London SW1H 9BT 1 Queen Anne’s Gate BCSC 10 CCTV user guide for shopping environments BCSC Occasional Paper No.10 01 02 02 02 03 03 03 04 06 Introduction CCTV licensing and regulation – Licensing – Data protection The operational requirement – Introduction – Level 1 – Level 2 – Define the problem 06 – Management issues Protection Commissioner by the Office of the Data – ‘CCTV Code of ...

Guidance Note 38: The Private Security Industry Act 2001

Date: 31/01/2002
Description: The private security industry comprises a number of different sectors including provision of manned guarding, wheel-clamping, door supervisors, private investigators and security consultants. Although a large portion of the industry is seen as responsible and adopting high standards in its recruitment and other procedures, concerns have long been expressed over the activities and standards of some in the industry.

Guidance Note 37: Security Alerts

Date: 31/01/2002
Description: This Guidance Note has been prepared for the benefit of BCSC members with responsibilities for security in shopping centres. The information provided can be issued to relevant people in your own organisation.

Guidance Note 36: Creating a Safer Shopping Environment

Date: 21/06/2002
Description: A safe and secure environment is the key to creating public and business confidence. Adopting a proactive and partnership approach to ensure a safe shopping environment creates a better experience for the consumer, improves business performance and reduces the security risk as well as protecting and enhancing the value of property assets.

Guidance Note 28: Fire Certificates – Owners, Managing Agents and Tenants

Date: 11/01/2000
Description: It is essential for owners, managing agents and tenants of shopping centres to read, understand and comply fully with the requirements of fire certificates issued under the Fire Precautions Act 1971.

Guidance Note 26: Crime and Disorder Act 1998

Date: 13/07/1999
Description: The Act requires police and local authorities to work in partnership, and with others (including shopping centre owners, retailers and managers), to reduce crime and disorder at a local level.

Guidance Note 25: Bomb Threats: Search, Evacuation and Recovery Procedures

Date: 25/04/1999
Description: The overriding consideration must always be the safety of the general public, members of centre staff, other occupiers of the shopping centre and retailers‘ staffs and precautionary steps should be taken to ensure that...

Guidance Note 21: The Disability Discrimination Act (1995)

Date: 28/08/1997
Description: The Disability Discrimination Act introduces new laws and measures aimed at ending the discrimination which many disabled people face.

Political Insight Newsletter #01

Date: 25/09/2015
Description: View in browser Follow us: #BCSCinsight This is the first of our new monthly government relations newsletter which replaces BCSCFifteen, the communication you received in the run up to May’s General Election. This update will contain lots of information on latest policy developments and the impact on our industry, what we are doing to represent your interests, some political insight and maybe even a touch of gossip…. It’s good to talk, so drop me a line if you have any comments, and ...

Guidance Note 101: Fire Regulations and the Design of Retail Developments

Date: 29/09/2015
Description: This guidance note provides an overview of the regulations for fire safety in the design of shopping centres and retail environments, together with useful guidance regarding the early stages of design.

CentreNews Issue 04 | Autumn 2015

Date: 12/10/2015
Description: CENTRE NEWS | ISSUE 4 CENTRE NEWS AUTUMN 2015 | ISSUE 4 Welcome to the Autumn edition of Centre News! management perspective. Margery Rose is 92 years old and works at the Mall Maidstone. I would think Margery must be the oldest shopping centre employee in the UK – but I could be wrong ….. have you an older employee at your centre? In this issue, the focus shifts to the work of our Commercialisation Committee, chaired by Richard Isom of Land Securities Group PLC. The committee works ...

Political Insight Newsletter #02

Date: 20/10/2015
Description: View in browser Follow us: #BCSCinsight We're back with your monthly dose of thought-provoking insight (well, we like to think so anyway) to update you on what BCSC has been doing to represent your interests to key political decision makers. It has been party conferences galore over the past few weeks, so now it's time to review and share the highs and lows of each. It’s good to talk, so drop me a line if you have any comments, or are willing to share any of your own political ...

Guidance Note 102: Electronic Cigarette (Vaping)

Date: 13/11/2015
Description: The newly revised EU Tobacco Products Directive proposes to regulate e-cigarettes as a tobacco related product. These new rules set to be implemented across EU Member States will specify how tobacco related products (included e-cigarettes) can be sold, presented and manufactured.

NaCTSO Guidance Note 2/2015 | Reviewing your Protective Security

Date: 19/11/2015
Description: There is no change to the UK threat level which remains at SEVERE, this means an attack is highly likely. Following the recent attacks, it is important that businesses reassure their staff to ensure they are alert, but not alarmed.

NaCTSO Guidance Note 1/2015 | Developing Dynamic Lockdown Procedures

Date: 19/11/2015
Description: This note provides guidance to develop procedures to dynamically lockdown their sites in response to a fast moving incident such as a firearms or weapons attack, either directly at the site or in the vicinity.

NaCTSO Guidance Note 3/2015 | Guide to Hostile Reconnaissance

Date: 19/11/2015
Description: Terrorists very often undertake some form of reconnaissance before carrying out an attack. They may do this in vehicles or on foot, recording and documenting locations.

Centre News | Winter 2015 | Issue 5

Date: 30/11/2015
Description: PURPLE APPLE MARKETING COMMITTEE SECURITY NOTICE IF MARKETING IS FROM MARS NIRSC STUDY TOUR 2015 SERCMA’S GATWICK AIRPORT VISIT FOOTFALL MONITOR CENTRE NEWS WINTER 2015 | ISSUE 5 Copyright © 2015 BCSC him with affection and respect. • “John was a true gentleman, always willing to help others and a keen advocate of all that was good within our industry. He will be greatly missed by all those who had the pleasure of working with or knowing him. I am sure you will join us in passing on ...

Case Study: Understanding Dementia / Dementia Friendly Place

Date: 16/12/2015
Description: Understanding Dementia / Dementia Friendly Place Handforth Dean Retail Park, Cheshire Size of Retail Park: 230,000 sq ft (2150 car park spaces) Cost: None as all staff were released for training during their usual working hours and The Alzheimer’s Society co-ordinator provided mentoring and support plus free training for staff from stores. Background The Alzheimer’s Society has committed to spread awareness of dementai through training of Champions and Friends and the management of ...

Outlook for Retail 2016

Date: 18/01/2016
Description: Retail is an inherently dynamic sector. The last 12 months has seen the UK retail landscape in continuous flux with digital and online technologies forging an inevitable shift in retail business models. Underlying these sectoral challenges lie a complex macroeconomic environment which underpins consumer sentiment and spending power.

BCSC Strategy 2020

Date: 25/02/2016
Description: BCSC Strategy 2020 Copyright © 2016 BCSC The need for change 01 02 03 05 06 The need for change BCSC Strategic Model What we’ll be doing What will this mean for you, your business and your industry? How we will measure and report performance Over the last few years we have all experienced the significant change in the retail market, driven by technological advances and changes in the way consumers purchase goods and communicate with businesses and one another. Retail property companies ...

Guidance Note 106: Over Tiling Retail Floors

Date: 17/03/2016
Description: The purpose of this guidance note is to provide an overview of the matters that should be taken into account when considering over tiling rather than replacement of a mall floor finish in a retail scheme.

Guidance Note 107: Insider Threat - Identity Verification

Date: 27/05/2016
Description: This guidance note addresses the issues surrounding identity verification and, in particular, document verification and, thereby, helps to mitigate the risks presented by the insider threat.

Revo Membership Pack

Date: 05/10/2016
Description: Join our community. Don’t just imagine what’s next. Contents Our vision 1 Our mission 3 Our community Our story Membership structure Member benefits Fees and categories Join our community 2 4 5 6 7 8 Our vision. Why we do what we do. Revo supports everyone involved in the diverse world of retail property and placemaking to thrive and prosper – energising and driving progress for our industry and our members. “The new brand comes from the very heart of the organisation, reflecting ...

Integrated Safety Management and Major Incidents in Retail Places

Date: 28/11/2016
Description: This guidance is aimed at the managers of retail and leisure environments, in particular shopping centres. It sets out the general principles and good practice associated with a model called Integrated Safety Management (ISM), at a non-technical level.

Guidance Note 109 - The Recruitment and Training of Security Officers in Retail Property

Date: 28/11/2016
Description: Security officers are deployed in shopping centres in order to support the property owner and/or management team in delivering a safe and secure environment in which to do business by...

Guidance Note 110 - Managing Security in Retail Car Parks

Date: 28/11/2016
Description: A significant number of shopping trips begin and end by visiting a retail place car park. The car park, therefore, becomes an important and integral customer service, which will reflect the quality of the centre.

Counter Terrorism Security Update

Date: 20/12/2016
Description: On Monday 19 December 2016 at about 20:00, a heavy goods vehicle drove into a Christmas Market in Berlin, Germany. At this time 12 people have been killed and 48 injured as a result of the incident. It is believed that the vehicle had been stolen and the incident is being investigated by German authorities as a probable terrorist attack.

HGV Security Guidance

Date: 14/02/2017
Description: Help reduce criminal and suspicious activity by following these simple steps.

Action Counters Terrorism - Make Nothing Happen

Date: 13/03/2017
Description: Make Nothing Happen A campaign urging the public to act on their instincts and report suspicious activity. Digital Why we are doing this SEVERE terror threat - an attack highly likely. We are doing all we can but are asking for even more public support. Radio & online Our mandate from the public 73% concerned about terrorism in the UK; 75% agree CT police are doing a good job; 83% agree it’s important to support the police. Communities defeat terrorism A third of our most serious cases ...

Action Counters Terrorism - Letter from Mark Rowley

Date: 13/03/2017
Description: Official Mark Rowley Assistant Commissioner National CT Policing Lead London SW1H 0NN 1 March 2017 Dear Sir or Madam, Re: Launch of ACT: Action Counters Terrorism campaign I am writing to update you about the launch of our forthcoming national counter terrorism awareness campaign. Called “Make Nothing Happen” it focuses on the critical role the public can play in defeating terrorism. The campaign will be the first under our new branding platform, ACT: Action Counters Terrorism: a ...

Mail screening and security – Specification

Date: 27/03/2017
Description: PAS 97:2015 is a specification for mail screening and security within your organization. It contains everything you need to help identify and implement appropriate postal security and screening measures that address the risks your organization faces.

Revo - Brand Book

Date: 19/05/2017
Description: Introducing Revo. Our new brand. Revo is a new brand for a new era. These are exciting times for retail property and placemaking. The landscape is changing profoundly and will continue to do so. Distinctions are blurring – we’re not just about shopping anymore. Our world is continually diversifying and shifting… and we sit right at the heart of it. The next pages describe what Revo is all about. Who we are, what we stand for and what we intend to achieve. From now on, we all need to ...

Revo 2017 Programme

Date: 12/06/2017
Description: Conference Programme Tuesday 19 – Thursday 21 September Connecting People & Places Tuesday 19 September 17:30 – 22:00 Launch Party Camp & Furnace Food, leisure and placemaking trends. Welcome from Edward Cooke, Chief Executive, Revo With guest presentations from:   Henry Dimbleby, Co-Founder, Leon and London Union/Street Feast Mark Lawler, Managing Director, Baltic Creative Wednesday 20 September 09:30 – 09:45 Hello from Giulia, Revo’s President Giulia Bunting, Planning ...

Security Bridging Call - Key Messages

Date: 08/06/2017
Description: Shopping Centres, Retail Parks, Town Centres, Retailers: The Threat

Screening Guidance 2017

Date: 16/06/2017
Description: Screening people and their belongings – simple and effective measures.

Accessible Places | UK Statistics

Date: 28/11/2017
Description: 13.3 million people living with a disabilty in the UK 4/5 disabilities are invisible 21% of the total population 18% of all working age adults 4.9 million people are unpaid informal carers The purple pound is worth £249bn 44% of all state pension age adults 7% of all children Men vs. Women There are more disabled women than men in the UK Conditions reported by disabled people Mobility Stamina/ breathing/fatigue Dexterity Mental health 19% 52% 38% 27% 22% Memory 16% Hearing 14% Learning ...

Accessible Places | Centre Manager Survey Results

Date: 28/11/2017
Description: Shopping Centre Managers’ Survey. Please let us know which categories you are not aware of, which you are aware of but for which you have not yet implemented any initiatives, and those which you are actively supporting. 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% Not Aware or do not understand Cognitive (e.g. autism & dementia) Aware but no initiatives to support Physiological disorders & mental illness (e.g. anxiety, depression, bipolar) Active initiatives - Facilities or services Hearing loss & Deafness Active ...

Revo Manchester 2018 Floor Plan

Date: 06/02/2018
Description: Networking The Alchemist Benito’s Hat Thai Khrim Urban Food Fest 47 Fourex Inc Ltd CBRE 45 Reed Midem 35 36 44 Hines Link CCTV 42 Calendar Club Knight Frank 43 Access Point 41 59 58 LPF Lounge The Hive TH Real Estate 80 Cheshire West & Chester Council 81 82 iAuditor RLI 67 54 G24 GCW 53 Networking 38 JLL M&G Real Estate Global Mutual 37 Cushman & Wake�eld Ellandi Revo 22 Hoxton Analytics The Massage Co 14 11 MRI Infabode Software Tellon Capital 12 Grosvenor 26 24 Yardi Panono Systems 9 ...

Guidance Note 117: Cash and valuables in transit

Date: 26/02/2018
Description: This guidance has been developed by members of the Revo Security and Safer Shopping Committee. Its aim is to provide helpful advice to retailers and others to reduce the risk of Cash and Valuables in Transit (CVIT) robbery when cash is transported to and from shopping centres and other retail locations in general.

Revo Manchester 2018 Programme

Date: 22/05/2018
Description: What’s on. 18 – 20 September Manchester Central Convention Complex Tuesday 18 September ACTIVITY TIME 10:00 18:00 – 22:00 19:00 Cushman & Wakefield: Revo Ride 100k route, starting and finishing at Rapha Manchester. Contact holly.russell-kennedy@cushwake.com for information. Revo Manchester 2018 Welcome Party Revo Chief Executive & President Dinner 19:00 for 19:45 sitting. Invite only. LOCATION Rapha Manchester Mayfield Depot Artisan Manchester Wednesday 19 September TIME ACTIVITY 08:00 ...

Business Crime Security & Crime Prevention Advice

Date: 14/08/2018
Description: Useful contacts to provide you with help and advice on how to prepare your business to deal with terror incidents and the aftermath.

Revo Manchester 2018 Show Guide

Date: 18/09/2018
Description: Show Guide Get Connected! Wifi: MCCC #Revo2018 Supporting partner: Contents 1 03 Welcome 05 Schedule of events at a glance 07 Programme 11 Our speakers 30 Our sponsors 46 Our exhibitors 63 Floor plan 65 Exhibitor list 66 Revo City 71 F&B and Leisure Showcase 75 Our Partners 2 Welcome 12 months on from the first rebranded Revo Conference in Liverpool, it won’t have escaped anyone’s attention that we continue to live in challenging times. No matter who you are the impacts of demographic ...

Crime Reporting Systems: Guidance Note 122

Date: 30/11/2018
Description: Crime reporting systems. Guidance note 122 This guidance note explores the nature of business crime reduction partnerships (BCRPs) and policing in town centres. It outlines the key requirements of IT crime reporting systems and their installation. The guidance provided also highlights suitable systems on the market helping to inform management decisions on which system to adopt. Background. The 1980’s saw a large number of Shopwatch and Townlink Radio groups establish in an attempt by ...

Revo Guidance Note 123: Keeping retail places free from anti-social behaviour

Date: 09/04/2019
Description: Anti-social behaviour within retail places causes anxiety for law-abiding shoppers, especially children. Its effects can have major implications for the viability of a shopping centre. If ASB affects footfall adversely, it will consequentially have a direct bearing on retail trade if no action is taken. The 1998 Crime and Disorder Act introduced anti-social behaviour orders (ASBOs). Over time, ASBOs received a significant amount of criticism in the media, although they were used extensively ...

Guidance: People at Risk

Date: 12/06/2019
Description: Public awareness of the need to protect children and vulnerable adults from harm is increasing. Both the public and private sectors have a role to play, including the retail industry. Anyone from these vulnerable groups, whatever their backgrounds, has the right to be safeguarded from abuse and exploitation. Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. We created this guide to set out how you can provide a safe environment for all customers and staff, while at the same time doing your best ...

Guidance Note 127: Fire Safety

Date: 04/12/2019
Description: Fire Safety. Guidance note 127 Fire Prevention. Fire is a complex chemical reaction that requires three elements to be present. Purpose. The purpose of this guidance note is to help employees understand and comply with fire safety legislation and regulations and, in addition, to help identify general fire safety precautions that should be in place. Background. In 2006, fire legislation in the UK was changed because of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RR(FS) Order 2005) being ...